Review: The Jaguars Capture a Fox (The Shifters of Catamount, Texas #4) by Josie Hunter

The Jaguars Capture a Fox

Series : The Shifters of Catamount, Texas # 4

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Source : Author via Manic Readers

Release Date :  January 13th 2017


Mercenaries and jaguar-shifters Javier and Cruz Santiago, on a mission for a Colombian drug lord, have a change of heart when they meet Reggie Cleary. The fox-shifter is on a rescue mission for the same man the Santiagos were paid to hunt, a man who has risked his life to save others. Reggie is determined to get him to the U.S. safely, and the Santiagos can’t resist a redhead. As the three flee with their charge through South and Central America, they fall in lust, and the twins vow they will win Reggie for their own. They follow her to Texas, where they concoct a plan to trap their fox. But Diego Garcia, the vicious anaconda drug lord, wants his money returned and revenge for the Santiagos’ betrayal. He sends an assassin to Catamount to tie up loose ends, leaving one brother at death’s door while Reggie and his twin race against the clock to save him. Note: This book contains double penetration.

Tash M

I love the concept of the series,  even though I wished I read the earlier books first.  As there is a continue story  arc in this series and characters from the previous books are mentioned in this one. Basically the series revolves around Catamount, a town home to a bunch of shifters who got some pretty handy skills . If you need to rescue, protect or do some secret covert work. They are your people for the job .

However this book is a bit different.  Whilst it has ties from the beginning to the town, the book is set up in an interesting format. It’s set over a few months and the author selects key moments for half of the book as they try to  conduct an operation in South America.

Half of the book is set overseas to encompass the reason why the characters meet which is a dangerous and testing situation that will need all their skills.  Reggie is a fox shifter who knows how to handle herself in every situation. So when she sent to South American to help with an operation.

She doesn’t expect to find herself in a situation where she more involved personally because she is forced to team with two jaguar shifters named Cruz  and Javier who walked a fine line.

They are mercs who don’t mind working for either side  of the law and obviously these guys butt heads with her as they don’t’ want her there since they aren’t exactly on the same page.

However quickly things changed on the action front and this book starts to become a thrilling adventure   involving a cartel who  want all of them dead. It’s a grown version of cat vs mouse and  I enjoyed the operation that made up the basis for the book as  there was a lot of action and some ghastly villains.

It’s a story driven book first, relationship secondary. It’s something different and I enjoyed it the way the book was written. However, there is a lack emotions when it comes to the relationship.  I didn’t really feel the connection between the characters. It’s built on what seems a really casual relationship as  there are other problems first that are more important. I love the concept though so it wasn’t totally bad. I just wished there was more feelings with the sex scenes and that it didn’t seem forced. As the first encounter was built of need  and there need to be more then scratching an itch for me.

3.5 couples



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