Review: Flight of the King (Animas #2) by C.R. Grey

Flight of The King

Series :  Animas

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Source : Allen and Unwin

Release Date : November 5th 2015

Winter vacation has never seemed so long. Normally, Bailey would enjoy the break from schoolwork, but this year he can’t wait to get back to Fairmount Academy in order to spend more time with his Animas, the white tiger Taleth. After years without his kin, Bailey’s anxious to strengthen the bond that connects him to the magnificent animal at last.

But Viviana Melore, the head of the Dominae, has plans to visit the school on a goodwill tour that is anything but-and Bailey and Taleth are forced apart for their safety. He and his friends know Viviana will be on the lookout for the Animas White Tiger prophesized to stand in the way of her rule.

While the kids must tip toe around Viviana and her army, Bailey and Hal flee to the Dust Plains after tragedy occurs, and run straight into the path of another sinister enemy. On the other side of Aldermere, Gwen is tasked with hiding the Seers’ glass, a tool that could reveal dangerous details of the prophecy if it fell into the wrong hands. And when it becomes clear that someone has followed her all the way from Fairmount, Gwen must do everything she can to protect it.

In the second book in the Animas series, Bailey, his friends, and their kin embark on a desperate flight across the kingdom to stop Viviana and the Dominae as new bonds are created-and others are twisted beyond recognition.

Tash M

It’s been a while but Flight of King made  realised  how much I enjoyed this series despite being MG.  It has been  a few week since the ending of the previous book and the gang is back at school for a new term.  Since they have discovered the truth about their parentage , life has changed for Bailey  , Tremelo and the others  Thing have gotten more dangerous for the gang as   Viviana is coming to their turf determined to discover the truth.

Fairmount Academy  maybe  become more dangerous but things haven’t changed and you have to wonder why be more careful. It hard to to  think that danger is really on their doorstep again after the last book ending. It seems there going to be plenty of action in this instalment as  the plot unfolds and each of the characters slowly reveals their role in this part of the adventure. I love how it was spilt time around.  Seeing  all the characters having their chance to shine, showed how much this was a team effort as well. Hal and Bailey out rescuing Teleth whilst the girls went their separate way trying to figure out another part of the legacy and Vivana’s plan

Whilst this ended on an interesting note,  I wasn’t in love as I was with the first book.  This book just expanded a lot of the arcs and left with more questions by the end. It did feel like a homage to HP in some ways again . In this world, gift children have a connection with animals and they become their lives.  Whilst I can draw some parallels between the two series  that made first initially pick up the first book . The second one was intriguing  and stood apart for the adventures thought I could help  enjoy certain aspects that remind me of the HP world.  A  lot goes on in this book and takes an interesting turn. With this being an trilogy. I can’t wait to see how the final book will play out


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