Review: Exiled Dragons Boxset (Exiled Dragons #1-5) by Sarah J. Stone

Exiled Dragons

Series :  Exiled Dragons #1-5

Publisher : Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date : March 19th 2017


Box Set of Exiled Dragons, a collection of 5 titles that have all the romance, action, and drama to leave you hooked.

As you read Exiled Dragons, you’ll travel to the Mourne Mountains of Ireland and experience the touching stories of 5 dragons and their quest to be with the ones they love.

Book 1 – Betrayed by a Dragon
Book 2 – Saved by a Dragon
Book 3 – Loved by a Dragon
Book 4 – Desired by a Dragon
Book 5 – Touched by a Dragon

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, a dragon battle, and piles of sexy shifters. Intended for mature audiences only.

Tash M

Nearly two years ago,  I discovered  Stone and her books and whilst I  haven’t kept up to date with her stories. She did the perfect thing for readers like me

Now for the first time, the first five in her Exiled Dragon  series are together in a boxset.  First up is Betrayed by a Dragon which is the story of Connor and Emily. Emily has recently moved to  the village to be more with her kind and have family near by . But it isn’t the plan she has exactly in mind  when Owen pairs her up with his brother Connor to show around town. As soon the three of them are involved with  brothers’ dad death which affects the current leadership and  could change the cause of things. Emily wants to help after getting close to Connor but Connor isn’t willing considering that it dangerous  and it could result it some unrest for their peaceful village

This first book set things up when Stone returned with Saved by a Dragon. I loved the changed with things as  return to the trio but with things changed. Owen is still determined to change things for the village but it hard when you are half around the world , so he is bidding his time after being setback. Until Amy unwelcome distracted comes to investigate the rumours of a dragon flying around the city and finds her self wrapped  in the  mystery and find the answers in Owen. However Owen is torn with the past and future knowing that he can’t love anyone after his past or can he ?

Loved by a Dragon, brings another part of the overall story together. When things came to light in the first book about the commuity. We were introduced to the Donnelleys who are part of the  resistance so to speak.  Now Aaron is left to carry on his father’s  work and save the clan from  Aiden and his wicked ways.  However he is in hiding with Kate his best friend who also got similar issues with Aiden . Aaron belives that he only the one who can save the clan, believing Mc Cord brothers won’t do anything . Kate on the other hand would rather be safe but she can’t   help want to  Aaron who is becoming more just a friend to her.  Never expecting that they are in for a ride

Desired by a Dragon continues with the trend of returning to familiar characters as they deal with the aftermath of  events in the previous books. Josh has been a guard trying to protect  the people  like Aiden expected him to do and help the McCords and the resistance as they tried to topple Aiden. Now with things more peaceful, it a time of new beginnings.  However Barb’s Amy friend from the second book has arrived in town for a dig and discovered something that could hamper all their efforts for good

Leading to her most recent release  in the series Touched by a Dragon which I recently  read and love. Thomas the youngest man on the council has been through a lot. He watched things changed for  the better but still there is work to be done. Paired with Kara, they set upon to work on a new problem but never expecting the will go on a journey with some suprising results.

I loved a good dragon shifter story with a well written story to back thing sup

Stone has grown as a author since the first book and it was fun revisit familiar couples and catching  up on others. I loved she grew as an author with these books. Betrayed was slow to start. Emily and Connor’s relationship may seem fast paced but they actually took their time.  I loved that Owen was very much part of their story as well considering things as they were all entwined whether they liked it or not  as they fought against being exiled and Aiden. I loved  that she slowly made  the universe bigger by bring in more exiled dragons and once that was done , providing problems that test the group once again. Whilst this is the end of them for now . I do hope she does revisits these characters in the near future


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