Review: Abandoned (Finding Justice #2) by Rhonda Pollero


Series : Finding Justice

Publisher : Forever Your

Source : Pubisher via Netgalley

Release Date : June 4th 2017


There is nothing more dangerous than desire . . . Emma McKinley is a bright young lawyer with a very dark secret: She’s the daughter of an assassin. Twenty years ago, her father shot and killed the president and Emma has been desperate to understand why ever since. She’s changed her name, moved around . . . but the past keeps hunting her down. First came an irresistible job offer, luring her back where the assassination occurred. And now Emma is receiving mysterious newspaper clippings about the shooting as a terrible reminder-and a deadly threat . . . Sheriff Conner Kavanaugh has been burned before. But from the moment he meets Emma, there’s something about her he can’t resist. Something is haunting her-that much is clear. And as the threats against her mount, he’ll do anything to protect her and win her trust. If the past doesn’t catch up to them first.

Tash M

After enjoying the first book  in the finding Justice series which told the story of Darby and Jack. I knew I had to read the next book in the series. As it was something different and I loved the suspense element in the first story.  Abandoned is the second In Finding Justice novel which revolves around the Kavanaugh family but  it can be read standalone. Like the first book , this novel follows a woman in need of some help  and happens to find some from a Kavanaugh.

Conner Kavanagh is the sheriff of a small town in  Florida  and upholds the duty even when he off duty. So he never expects the woman he rescue from a sticky situation to be the new public defender  who just arrived in town Emma.  Emma isn’t a weak woman but she got her problems. So it an interesting mix   as the   story unfolds.

See Emma hasn’t  just  come with her tail between her legs  to this town because it was the only job available. She is on a mission also to discover who is trying to unearth her past that she has been keeping a  secret for years.  Events that her past is tied to that happened  20 years ago which this small town is very familiar with .  However Conner is more then just  curious about this new arrival. He is intrigued with in  and out of court as she getting everyone  talking  about   as she is quickly making her mark.  And in small towns nothing remains a secret for long.

But Conner can’t see to exactly figure  out no matter what he does. Has he met his match?

Emma’s secret was  life changing and  I loved how the author slowly introduced  into the story. As  Emma was definitely the type of the character you want to love in a instance. She was smart yet she vulnerable as she felt the secret weigh down on her.   She felt abandoned thanks to her past and with the current situation with her family it didn’t help. It made just a little more  open to helping others and poor Conner had to work to get Emma on his side.  As Emma wasn’t a damsel in distress  that you expect at times in romantic suspense. She was happy  paying the saviour row though  Conner still came to the rescue.

Abandoned was more of the typical  suspense novel with the storyline. I enjoyed the story she weaved despite  how I found out what the story was revolved around.  The blurb does reveal a key pivot part to this story and I rather would have liked to stay in the dark then reading it after I started the book. As I wouldn’t of guess that was what Emma was trying to find  that was tied to her past. That aside  I  loved how Pollero set things up  with the two  side of the law and forcing them together because of the secret and their general lives . As a result there was a few secondary characters that grew on you and added to the story.  I loved seeing another side to the Kavanaghs as well and I can’t wait for the next book.



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