Mini Reviews: Evander, Cherish Tomorrow Live Today & Kingpin


Series : Stratham Dragons

Publisher: Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date :  May 21st 2017

Callie needed a fresh start. But moving to Stratham and opening a bookstore had more surprises than she expected. As she discovers the magical beast within herself, she must overcome her own demons to survive.

Evander was sent on a mission far more dangerous than expected. On the brink of death, he finds his mate and a reason to live.

Can the two break the links between their past and survive the future?

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, and piles of sexy shifters. Intended for mature audiences only.

Tash M

I have only read the third book in this series  but I enjoyed the dragon shifter tales that Stone writes. However even so I wasn’t expecting the twist that Evander brought with his story. Like the other book in the series. The book follows a similar path but this one brings also a new arc to light.   Callie was a breath of fresh air and I love the challenges these two faced. Callie really  found herself  in this novel  thanks to the storyline and the fact she brought a bombshell. She didn’t have problems that other heroines had face . She had an unqiue set of circumstances because of her past with Evander.

Evander was a surprise that changed the course of this series and can’t wait to see how their arrival and new will shaped future books



Cherish Tomorrow Live Today

Series : One Last Love

Publisher: Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date :  June 27th 2017

Raven is done with men. She’s ready to relax and enjoy her new freedom. She wasn’t looking to start over. Gage, alpha of his pack and a man who gets what he wants, knows Raven is his. Nothing will keep him from claiming her, except for those who wish her dead and her ex.

Tash M

I have read  a lot  of Blacio’s books  . But even so I haven’t read every book of her’s because  she such a prolific  author  and honestly   I don’t want to run out of books from her.  As I devour her books quickly and enjoy her tales.  She  is one of the few paranormal/sci-fi authors that I regularly read now only  because I’m not finding  most as enjoyable as they used to be.

Her latest Cherish Tomorrow Live Today is her latest release and I was privilege enough to receive a review copy of this book.

Blacio doesn’t disappoint in her latest novella.  It is  only 50 pages but it is jam packed. In those pages a lot does happen and sets up a lot of things. Blacio doesn’t mince words. If there was anyone I would recommend who could write a novella and not satisfied her readers guaranteed it would be this woman. However Blacio is evil . She doesn’t like to have everything order and all right. She likes to tease and keep your wondering.

My only complaint is that I wished that it had a stronger ending. Like a juicy  cliff hanger instead left as for now. As that would of given more of a wow factor to me . Don’t get me wrong , I  loved the book .I just expected a lot after reading so many of Blacio’s books . Also I couldn’t help feel  this story had a similar family structure to another one of her books.  However Blacio I believe has two children herself  as well so I let that slip as it easy to do so when you  base your characters on real life.  If you are looking for some a paranormal that is a little different and definitely dirty of a good kind. Make sure you check out this book !



Series : Breeding

Publisher: Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date :  June 27th 2017

Thea James is scraping by and trying to make a decent life for herself. She keeps her nose clean and stays out of trouble, trying to do what she can to pay the bills. One night on her way home she becomes a witness to a murder. Suddenly, with the shot of a bullet, she’s thrust into a world she had no idea existed. But what’s Thea to do when the darkness that could swallow her is exactly where she wants to go?

Salvatore Costello is the boss in the Los Angeles mafia. He’s in charge of everything, and that includes who he allows in his inner circle. He’s spent his whole life not letting anyone close to him because he knows what the consequences could be. But one night changes everything. She’s a witness and she needs to be taken care of, but after one touch, he’s redefining what that means. Is she strong enough to lead his empire? Will she be ripe enough to give birth to one?

Warning: This is dark, dirty, baby-making smut. This guy is after Thea, and he’s got a plan to keep her from getting away. Want to take a guess at what that is? Hint: There’s absolutely no birth control in this book. If you want it, come and get it! We’ve got you covered.

Tash M

Kingpin the latest in the Breed Me Series  from the dirty minds of Alexa Riley. It’s a pretty straight forward story from this duo. As like the title suggests it involves  the mafia this time around and it gets a little dicey for the couple . Like the title suggest the hero is a kingpin and that is always going to be a tough gig  . However in truth Alexa Riley form , it has a over the top happily ever after with some breeding of course.  Fans won’t be disappointed in this story. The latest addition to the series , was everything you expect.  Sex with plenty of fun of course.  Plus they really delivered with this book. This why I’m being very vague about things as you know what to expect by now. Plus  they sure know how to give your money’s worth and much more.


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