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The Harper Effect

Series : N/A

Publisher Pan Macmillan Australia

Source : Publisher

Release Date :  December 27th 2017


Sixteen-year-old Harper was once a rising star on the tennis court—until her coach dropped her for being “mentally weak.” Without tennis, who is she? Her confidence at an all-time low, she secretly turns to her childhood friend, next-door neighbor Jacob—who also happens to be her sister’s very recent ex-boyfriend. If her sister finds out, it will mean a family war.

But when Harper is taken on by a new coach who wants her to train with Colt, a cold, defensive, brooding young tennis phenom, she hits the court all the harder, if only to prove Colt wrong. But as the two learn to become a team, Harper gets glimpses of the vulnerable boy beneath the surface, the boy who was deeply scarred by his family’s dark and scandalous past. The boy she could easily find herself falling for.

As she walks a fine line between Colt’s secrets, her forbidden love, and a game that demands nothing but the best, Harper must decide between her past and her future and between two boys who send her head spinning. Is the cost of winning the game is worth losing everything?

A sizzling tennis romance perfect for the summer months, The Harper Effect, will be a grand slam for fans of Kasie West, Miranda Kinneally and Simone Ekeles.

Tash M

I tried to love this book but The Harper Effect wasn’t my cup of tea exactly. It had some great moments but I had issues with the characters.  I really had some hopes this would be another great LoveOzYA novel but it didn’t work for me .  The combination of tennis, young love, family and  music  didn’t work , there was something missing that allow this book to shine. Harper wasn’t the  bind that  she should have been for this novel. For a lead character she had a personality that can be off-putting when she did certain things and showed constantly. .

The Harper Effect is the story of sixteen year old Harper. A talented tennis player whose career has come to a halt after her coach drops a bombshell.  She is weak and doesn’t have the guts basically to make it on the pro tour and make it big. With that announcement,  the book is set up and where the title comes from. Harper has effect on everything as  she taken the easy route . Self pity and wants to hang with the people she cares about Aria and Jacob.

However  things aren’t that simple. The aftermath of the announcement is what readers are treated to as we follow  Harper tries to deal with life and the challenges she brings around the world unaware of The Harper Effect .

Harper isn’t a bad sort if you strip away the bad habits and her struggles.  There is a sense that she has grown up too fast as it shows with using childhood nicknames and imaginations for the places she used to play in as a child  Once she grows up  and realises there more to this world , she isn’t too bad  even though she has one key flaw that drives most of this novel.  Jacob, her best friend and can  I say anti-hero.  If wasn’t for Colt and a wakeup call things could have ended badly.

Jacob is her childhood playmate , the boy next door , her now secret crush  and her sister’s ex.  News thing  that adds to the already big bombshell that hit Harper  and turned her life upside down. Yet Jacob is there and offering support and  challenges as response to the Harper effect.   Something that Harper wishes she could get from Aria  but only turns this story into more complicated situation.  Jacob got a big chip on his shoulder about life and it shows. It affects the story on a number of levels especially at home where he is treated like a member of the family.

The dynamics which have long reaching effects thank to Harper as she doesn’t realise how  actions can have  consequences. Harper puts her feet into too many holes and tries to deal with them together. It affects her relationship with Aria and Colt especially .

Aria is  her old sister who has been in the sideline with her own thing after growing apart from her sister.  A talented musician  who has dreamt of going to the consumerism waited for Jacob. Until Harper returns and  she takes a back step in the family.  Aria is not a bad sort only if a bit oblivious to the true side of Jacob.   It eggshells around her and a lot of things relating to her and Jacob and I wonder if wasn’t could have worked out better.  They had a deep relationship but it showed that time has affected it, thanks to The Harper Effect .  And if wasn’t for Aria taking the leap  it could have ended badly after everything that happened.   She redeemed thing easily which was a relief given the magnitude of other problems and arcs happening .

Colt where do I begin. He seen as the bad egg but truly he wasn’t. He was the misunderstood one that had a great head on his shoulders.  He had a lot going on,more then Harper yet he was one who knew the right answers and had Harper peg from the get go. It’s a pity Harper didn’t realise what was in front of her from the beginning. He is offers her a chance to get what she lost . A chance to claim what her old coach promises yet Harper still struggles with it for a bit.

It’s a struggle that has a good outcome yet there still a sense there could be more.  The Harper Effect promised a story about tennis and did give that. However it a very layed story that looks at love, music and family as well.  Making far from a straightforward story.

One the big things you got to remember that Harper is only sixteen at the beginning and  the other key characters aside from the adults are only a couple years older. She been plucked out of her ordinary life and has been told that she is good. Fact is she is but there is a weakness that stops her from  achieving her dreams.  Still I expected more mature response as she did have with other situations.  Like with Colt and learning to become a better tennis player.  The Harper Effect is an interesting -look at the tennis world paired with typical YA contemporary elements.




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  1. was looking for a young adult book with tennis theme to give as gift but based on your review I think I’ll pass, Any other recommendations that would fit the bill?

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