Review: Vigil (Verity Fassbinder #1) by Angela Slatter


Series : Verity Fassbinder

Publisher : Jo Fletcher Books

Source  : Publisher

Release Date :  July 7th 2016


Verity Fassbinder has her feet in two worlds. The daughter of one human and one Weyrd parent, she has very little power herself, but does claim unusual strength – and the ability to walk between us and the other – as a couple of her talents. As such a rarity, she is charged with keeping the peace between both races, and ensuring the Weyrd remain hidden from us.

But now Sirens are dying, illegal wine made from the tears of human children is for sale – and in the hands of those Weyrd who hold with the old ways – and someone has released an unknown and terrifyingly destructive force on the streets of Brisbane.

And Verity must investigate – or risk ancient forces carving our world apart.

Tash M

I sat on this book for nearly a year because I didn’t know what to expect until I bite the bullet one day as the release of the second book was around the corner. I have been kicking myself ever since then as I loved the feisty Verity  and the gang.  I have been missing out and I hope I won’t be making this mistake again as I loved Slatter’s prose and the adventures of  Verity are not one to missed.

Vigil is a piece of urban fantasy you don’t want to miss because of Verity . She is a unique character and I love her from  the moment I picked up the book and read the first chapter. I know I had a winner. She doesn’t let anything slip by her. She is very typical Australian and that means she isn’t afraid to speak her mind.  Plus in a sea of magical creatures and more , she was pretty ordinary given her parentage . She makes most of it though as allows her to  do her job as a private detective helping the magical community of Brisbane armed with the power of super strength.

Yet being so ordinary is a good thing given this alternative Brisbane and Verity going  about her daily life  is what makes interesting. She doesn’t let anyone give her issues. She doesn’t care for rules and regulations.   She play nice it if she have to but the client and her friends are  her number one priority.

So when she is handed a mystery case that gets more intriguing ever chapter you have to wonder what did she get herself into . As you know Verity can handle yourself, it you the reader that has to wonder what is going to happen  . As the twists and turns  made this case even more confusing and left you addicted.  As you think Siren’s are the onl thing she has to deal with. Well there way more to this story then you would ever think and get ready to be surprised


These characters is what makes the book interesting as aside from Verity, they make the book what they   for what they are.  There is never dull moment when these secondary characters are around her like her adorable next door neighbour to her tattooist friend. Every one had their role whether they were  characters there for a moment to key secondary characters. This what I love about stories like this one , they make sure everything is right and it makes for an enjoyable read. You don’t have to think about  the minor things, rather where this story is heading and how much you want someone like Verity in your life.


This was an amazing debut and I understand what is the fuss about this series.  I loved the mystery element with this series which really made this book endearing to me personally.  Plus I  never expected how this book ended. If you thought you could solve mysteries. This one takes the cake because of the creativity behind it .  Brisbane will  never be the same after reading this  book.



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