Review: Texas Christmas Twins (Christmas Twins #3) by Deb Kastner

Texas Christmas Twins

Series : Christmas Twins # 3

Publisher : Harlequin

Source : Publisher

Release Date : December 1st 2017


Christmas on the Ranch

Miranda Morgan’s Christmas will be twice as busy now that she’s guardian of her sister’s sweet twin babies. But the celebrity photographer is happy to trade a glamorous LA lifestyle for motherhood in her small hometown of Wildhorn, Texas. Unfortunately, the twins’ handsome godfather, Simon West, is unconvinced. The brooding rancher isn’t thrilled about letting sunny, spontaneous Miranda into his carefully managed world. Though they disagree on almost everything, Simon and Miranda discover common ground as they work to make the twins’ first country Christmas cozy and bright. Could this holiday transform Miranda and Simon’s tentative friendship into a forever love?

Tash M

There is something about kids in a romance, they tend to be scene stealers and steal people’s hearts. So after reading the other two books in this mini series, I knew I had to read the last book and  luckily  for me, I was able to do so .

It’s always good sign when the two parties are more concerned about  other problems first then themselves and makes a great hit you in the face never seen coming romance.  Megan and Simon have known each other for years and now they have found themselves interfering/helping in  each others lives thanks to being godparents.

As a  gods parents job is an important role and when it  comes to a pair of orphan twins who are too little to decide things for themselves. The twins need some loving figures to care for them and both of them think they  are perfect for the job individually.

Megan is a woman who had her life turned upside down. Her sister and her husband died and she been named guardian of the twins surprisingly given that she a career driven photographer and there are plenty of other in the twins’ life who could care for them. She is a free spirit who  didn’t put  family  first until now However it made her revaluate things and she starting to see a great purpose and relishing the second chance at mending fences. She  has turned over a new leaf and she happy to go with the flow.

And Simon the other godparent isn’t too happy about the situation. He know Megan since she was a kid and he thinks she far from the best choice. He may not be perfect either but surely he is the best choice.  Though he can’t see the chip on his shoulder that prevents him from  realising there is more to life then his beloved dogs. He is a sweet guy that puts everyone but himself first and needs a change. Even so no one has gotten through to him despite trying .

However it’s Christmas so it time of forgiveness and hope. So there is plenty of Christmas cheer about if they both are willing to overcome their differences and realise what is front of them.  That there two little people who need them to pull through and find  a equal footing.

Though the twins, were cute. The dogs were scene stealers and beat the twins in this book. I love the that aspect of the novel as well. Seeing a man dedicated  to doing things on his own steam rather then accept the others was charming and endearing.   It was a cosy little romance and I couldn’t’ fault this story. Krauner written a romance that defintely will get you in the mood for the holiday and remember the big  picture when it comes to Christmas.





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