Review: Snowy Knights Anthology

Snowy Knights

Series : N/A

Publisher: Romance Rebels Publishing

Source : Author

Release Date : December 13th 2016


When the cold hits, only he can warm her…
This December, snuggle up with 10 BRAND NEW romantic rescue stories! From literal heroes in the snow, to the bad boy whose soul is saved by love. These sexy stories will burn up your e-reader while melting your heart.
WINTER’S STORM by Gracie Meadows
KISS OF ICE by Kayleigh Malcolm
SNOW-KISSED by Lizabeth Scott
SNOW ANGEL by Rose Nickol

Tash M

After reading a previous collection that King put together that I enjoyed a lot. I couldn’t wait to dive into her newest anthology that she organised  and put together . Snowy Knights arrival was perfectly time   released to celebrate the arrival of winter with some steamy novellas to warm up cold nights .  As who doesn’t want a knight in shinny armour to rescue you and keep you warm.

Like the previous anthology , I was familiar with some authors having read some of their works previously and enjoying them.  First up was King with her paranormal shifter story Frost Bitten. Whilst I enjoyed King previously, this PNR offering will have to be my favourite to date. She has a natural talent for writing them and enjoyed this tale she offered. Quick paced and  intriguing , the story of Quinn and Aubrey was something different ,  and I was hooked to the last page.

Next up was  Prince and her contemporary tale with a dash of suspense. Weaving the tale of  Kelsi best selling author who has turned recluse thanks a unhealthy obsession. Living a simple life, writing is the bane of existence. Until her world is turned upside down when a track crashes right front of her house and brings Jace.

A engmia who may be  the best thing to walk through her doors but a lost memory  and the fact that Kelsi thinks that wasn’t just another accident  and that he may tied to the past she tried to leave behind.   Kelsi may of walked into a trap or this the best thing to happen to her  with a sexy knight coming to her rescue ?

The third offering is from Hawthorn, is a sweet second chance novel with a bit of suspense.  Kelly  has just returned to town after leaving a number years ago , which meant  leaving her sweetheart Jake behind.  Moving back was the chance to start afresh and with  her new job and help from her new friend she thought she was off to a good start. Until she was framed and her past returns in the form of Detective Jake  who the last person she wanted to see. Thanks to her new friend who happens to be Jake’s sister , they are forced to solve things together and find that things may of changed. But their love might be a different story.

Kiss of Ice is Malcom’s offering was a bundle of surprises. What starts of as a harmless story of a geothermal engineer named Alice  who doing some research quickly turns into a bit of a magical fantasy story when she discovers down in a glacier that she fallen into . That  there a frozen Viking  down there who secret has kept them for so long. However Erik isn’t exactly too please to see his rescuer given things and with things not exactly going to plan. He wondering whether this is the best or worse thing that could happen yet given things. Will the Kiss be their saviour or their downfall?

Storm of Seduction  seems be selfish story at first given the heroine thinking. Getting herself  stranded at the cabin Lori hopes that her former boyfriend Kevin will rescue her and  makeup . However it doesn’t go to plan obviously. Whilst the heroine does redeem herself a bit , Lori ‘s ideas aren’t the best way to get things done. Kevin was the ultimate knight in shinny armour given his job and the fact he was sweet about yet mad.

The second shifter offering Alaska’s Snowy Fate is another snowy rescue involving new divorced Alaska   who  come to Alaska to join the rest of her family on a trip. However things don’t go to plan and she rescued by Olympian Drake who happens to be a shifter and his mate after a nasty crash. A crash that could have been avoided and seems that things are amuck and Drake can only solve them and save his mate.

Winter’s Storm is probably my favourite. I enjoyed a lot of Meadow’s  releases in the last year and so. This was no expectation. It was a sweet yet sexy offering about a young woman named Winter who life is ruled by her parents until she takes charge and meets Jay. Unaware that Jay is the reason why she in the area with her parents who are determined to make another deal . Jay is not to happy about things and this quickly turned into a second chance story. As the second part of the story takes part two years later and the truth comes.  Nothing less then I expected of this author

Snow Angel was another rescue story but it was slightly confusing thanks to the action of the brothers.  Bryce and Hugh are rescuers and when they rescue this young woman off the highway after car crash. They both have an interest but Hugh lets Bryce woe her given that he never shown interest since his wife has died . However Kasey got her own secrets and soon becomes  that this only the beginning.

Snow- Kissed  is another snowed in tale involving a tom boy and  business savy man who  intereset could get him kille.d Reed  is a tom boy and when she accept a job to help a family friend. She thinks will be simple restoration like any other job. However she doesn’t expect to get snowed in with the client. Mason was expecting a man, and  was hoping to hand over the keys and get back to business. Snowed in with Reed isn’t too bad or is it? With four overbearing brothers, and a woman who thinks less of herself . Mason got his work cut out

The last is from Reeves and involves a sheriff and shifter name d Lance who is determined to help a battered woman escape from Javier a man who is determined to have her .  Amitty thinks she trying to do her best but when she mate her mate.  Things are going to get very different and might be the best thing to happen to her.

All fitting the theme, there something  for everyone taste. Whilst some shone brighter then others, I loved discovered some new to me authors  and old. Seeing how talented they are whipping up tales that are perfect for those cold nights. You can’t go wrong with this anthology.





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