Review: Six Ways to Sunday by Karly Lane

Six Ways To Sunday

Series : N/A

Publisher : Allen and Unwin

Source : Publisher

Release Date : November 27th 2017


When city naturopath Rilee Summers meets gorgeous farmer Dan Kincaid, sparks fly. A whirlwind romance follows, and the next thing Rilee knows she’s married and living on her husband’s family property in a small rural community.

Never one to shy from a challenge, Rilee is determined to win over her in-laws and the townsfolk of nearby Pallaburra, but her city ways and outspoken views only seem to alienate her further.

Opening her own naturopathy practice has always been her dream. Although Pallaburra isn’t Sydney, and despite the fact she’s not exactly inundated with new clients, she’s not ready to give up. Things get even worse for Rilee when she champions the issue of teen pregnancies in the deeply conservative town.

Worn down by the ill-will towards her and what she sees as Dan’s lack of support, Rilee flees the station to think about the future. Can her marriage survive – or is she destined to leave Dan and move back to the city?

Six Ways to Sunday is a rip-roaring tale about a woman determined to stand up for her convictions even at the risk of jeopardising the future she envisaged with the man she loves.

Tash M

I love the time of the year,  as it means  I can grab Lane’s latest and settle down for a good read.  As she  is undoubtedly  one of my favourite local  authors and  there is a good reason why. She writes from the heart, writing tough every day issues that are sometimes forgotten or shied away. This maybe a romance but it is a brutal honest  tackling real life problems and this book is definitely become my favourite to date of her’s .

Six Ways to Sunday is set like many of her other books, a  sweeping rural romance with plenty of heart.  Lane tells a story  a woman name   Rilee  who is on a mission and she is determined to make her mark  on the world .   However life had other ideas recently and fate has started a new chapter. Transporting her to the country as as a newly wedded .  However things aren’t smooth sailing like she hoped. Seen as outsider from coming the city  Rilee’s work and her wiliness to help the  community is seen as threat  not an helping hand.

Despite not being welcome with open arms, her  arrival and marriage into the Kincaid family has got the tongues wagging  around the area as she  only captured the most eligible bachelor .However Rilee doesn’t care about those things. To her Dan is the  guy who swept her off her feet and made her revaluate her entire life.  She resisted but Dan won her with his careful courting and now she is wanting to make her dream a reality with one minor  change in location. Opening the business she has dreamt about for years, a naturopathy clinic .

She didn’t expect to  be living in the country and the nearest town  Pallaburra still stuck in old fashion ways.  A naturopath with  an unconventional upbringing that she had regretted when she was younger. Rilee is a firm believer in  helping the outsiders. She understands their emotions and feelings considering that she is a similar situation herself with the family farm and Dan’s family .

Faced with hurdles , Dan’s and Rilee’s marriage is already off to a rocky start and soon it becomes apparent that Rilee isn’t going to get a break when she decides not to shy away from the issues of the town and her personal life.

Small knit communities can be a blessing, however in this novel Six Ways to Sunday, Lane weaves a tale where it can go very wrong. First impressions are everything and Lane’s lastest showed this well.

Rilee is an intriguing lead, she doesn’t shy away from the hurdles. Even with her new parents in laws Jacob and Ellen  not welcoming. She takes it in her stride.  She copes it on the chin. She pushes until there is a break in the wall. She takes anything she can get. She was the champion the community needed and I love that she was so determined for rights of others first.  She was a heroine that I could support from the get go even though she was too determined at times.   The other characters were great supporting characters. Dan was the loveable husband but  was clueless to his family dilemmas.  His prim and proper parents who were struggling with the new found happiness in their family was accurate portrayal of how things could become if they left things unsaid.

I get why Rilee was ready to do what she did and whilst I admired the courage it must of took there was other ways and I love how it came all together in the end. Six Ways to the Sunday is classic Lane at her finest exploring tough issues and delving into the land that she loves. The country.





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