Review: Don’t Touch by Lucy Wild

Don’t Touch

Series : N/A

Publisher Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date :  February 22nd 2017


One office temp…
I was hired to sneak into his office, steal his secrets, then get out. The plan was perfect. Until he caught me.

One CEO…
I could have her arrested. Instead I’m taking her to my house? What the hell am I doing?

One weekend…
Day one, I became Daddy’s little girl. Day two, he reminded me why I was hired.

One decision…
All I can do is show her my world. It’s up to her whether to embrace it or destroy it.

***This is a hot standalone contemporary romance starring a dominant alpha. No cliffhanger or cheating and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.***

Tash M

Wild has found her groove.  Whilst I  had a mixed reaction to her historical offerings . Her  first contemporary daddy dom romance  has hit the mark.  I loved the author took feedback from her readers and embraced things.  This may be set a mere few hundred’s years later and  not have the cringing worthy stuff.  The strong writing and characterisation is still there and her latest novel  is a sure winner for me.

Whilst there was a cheeky nod to her previous books in the form of the heroine wishing for anti hero something like Heathcliff.  Natalie pulled us in quickly   with her ideas  and grew as the story went along . I loved that  she was genuinely a little   naive. She was the perfect sort of person for the story in mind. She could differentiate    and embody different roles. It was only a game and honestly I loved that she wasn’t  willing to be a little girl all the time. She was an  independent woman but she wasn’t sassy and all that.

The idea for this book was smart and I loved the  plot of this story.  The author did the right moves. Building a believable story for things to fall in to place and giving characters that we could fall for. Whilst a little over the top at one point, I found myself devouring this story in a heartbeat and wanting more after I finished

I found myself not cringing this time around  and falling in love with Raddclife and Natalie’s story from the beginning. Wild has really got a thing going with her contemporary Daddy /little girl romances. Whilst it may not be for all. I found this book to be as good as a niche bdsm book.  This felt a little tamer though despite the change of genre. And part of me wishes that I could have it all.



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  1. Glad that you enjoyed this book despite your issue. It sounds great. I haven’t read any books by the author yet. I love discovering new authors. Definitely will check this one out. Awesome review. Thanks for sharing. ❤️?

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