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Can the scoundrel second son, Lord Marcus Bowles, and Genevieve Turner, a woman of ill-repute, find happiness? Or will his roguish ways and her dark past forever tear them apart? Fans of Tessa Dare’s Twice Tempted by a Rogue will love this sensual read releasing December 2017 from Sourcebooks Casablanca.

Title: The Lord Meets His Lady

Author: Gina Conkle

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: December 5, 2017

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Series: Midnight Meetings

Format: Digital eBook / Print

Print ISBN: 9781492651901

Digital ISBN: 9781402294341




Lord Marcus Bowles has stained his family’s reputation for the last time. Only after spending a scandal-free year restoring some far-flung property can this second son return in good graces. But Marcus isn’t one to abandon a lone damsel on a dark country lane.


One stolen kiss and Genevieve Turner’s handsome midnight savior disappears. Typical. No matter, Gen is finally on the way to her new post, and hopefully to finding her grandmother as well. Instead she finds her mischievous hero is her new employer. Surely a few more kisses won’t hurt…



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Other Books in the Midnight Meetings series:

Meet the Earl at Midnight


It’s going to take a Beast to tame this Beauty


Enigma Earl. The Phantom of London. That’s what the gossip pages call Lord Edward Greenwich, a mysterious nobleman who doesn’t show his face in London Society. With a reputation like that, no wonder Lydia Montgomery is horrified to be dragged from bed and packed off to live with him to save her mother from penury.


While Lydia has received all of the training a lady should endure, she’s decidedly un-ladylike. She despises her corset and isn’t interested in marriage. She’d prefer to remain unmarried and spend her time improving her art. But if she wants a chance at happiness, she’ll have to set aside her fear of the earl and discover the man hiding behind the beast.


Will Edward and Lydia’s greatest discovery be each other before time runs out?


Available at:  Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Kobo  |  iTunes  |  Google Play


Tash M


A delightful kick off to the series, Meet the Earl at the Midnight is an entertaining turn paging book based on the fairytale Beauty and the Beast. However it a subtle  Georgian take that will please readers as we meet a couple who are determined to trailblazers in their own fields yet can’t sort out their own personal lives.

Scientist  and entrepreneur Lord Edward Standford has a fierce reputation that has the tongues waging  in the town. Intrigue surrounds him, as Edward isn’t a man who dictates his life by the ton.  He sets his own rules  and it made him all the more eligible  bachelor amongst the mothers of the ton. Yet Edward still doesn’t care until now when he winds up in a harebrained scheme by Lydia’s step father.

He finds himself not only with a solution to his dooming deadline but a woman who won’t  play but his rules. As this beauty isn’t a shy woman who got her nose stuck in a book only, she got a paintbrush in her hand. Edward has meet his match and their first meeting is a delight of what is to come.

Lydia is a dutiful daughter with a past. She wants to paint and showcase her talents to the world.   Yet she can’t thanks to propriety sakes. She needs someone  to help a male figure so when she figures out the situation she been forced to become apart of . What else is a girl going to do

As she no proper prim miss as she firmly on the shelves and she take advantage of the situation.   As she can match the Earl in any way and she is determined to be part of his life whether he likes it or not

I listened to the audiobook of this book and I like the narrator . She was able to distinguish the  characters pretty well and didn’t make it sound unflattering to the reader’s ears.  She brought them to life well and I can imagine the cast of characters pretty well know by the way of how she conveyed their voices and the descriptions.   It also a testimony to the author writing as for a good audiobook it needs good material. If you haven’t discover Conke yet this is a great place to start and listening to audiobook made this book more even more enjoyable. I loved hearing the banter play out and more. Meet the Earl at Midnight is a book that you don’t want to  miss.



The Lady Meets Her Match

Locating Her Is Only Half The Battle…


Cyrus Ryland didn’t become England’s wealthiest bachelor by being a pushover, but the mysterious beauty he discovers sneaking around at his grand ball enflames his curiosity. When the clock chimes midnight, and she’s nowhere to be found, Cyrus vows to scour all of London to uncover who she is. Little does he know that not only does Claire Mayhew not want to be found, but she wants nothing to do with him at all…


Available at:  Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Kobo  |  iTunes  |  Google Play



Meet the Rogue at Midnight

A Saved Scoundrel…


Jonas Bacon Braithwaite wants to make peace with his grandfather before departing England. Once Nottinghamshire’s favorite trouble-maker, he’s since become an upstanding man of honor. But, the lushly curved thief hiding in his bedchamber makes him think twice about one last conquest.


A Stubborn Siren…


Livvy Halsey bristles at life’s rules. Always has. Sneaking into the Braithwaite house to reclaim a treasured family heirloom is one way she upends the conventional life that awaits her. Duty demands she marry. But what harm is there in having a little fun with her childhood friend before the Twelfth Night ends?


And Twilight Temptation…


Stolen kisses fan hot flames. Surprising passion intertwines with friendship…but will it be enough to last forever?


Available at:  Amazon




Gina Conkle writes lush Viking romance and sensual Georgian romance. Her books always offer a fresh, addictive spin on the genre with the witty banter and sexual tension that readers crave. She grew up in southern California and despite all that sunshine, Gina loves books over beaches and stone castles over sand castles. Now she lives in Michigan with her favorite alpha male, Brian, and their two sons where she’s known to occasionally garden and cook.


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