Review:The Amish Midwife (Lancaster Courtships #3) by Patricia Davids

The Amish Midwife

Series : Lancaster Courtship

Publisher : Love Inspired

Source : Net Galley

Release Date : October 20 2015


An Unexpected Family

Amish midwife Anne Stoltzfus is used to late-night visitors – but she’s shocked to find reclusive bachelor Joseph Lapp on her doorstep with a baby in his arms. Their neighborly quarrels are pushed aside when Joseph explains that his sister has left her daughter in his care – and Joseph needs Anne to be her nanny. Soon they’re bonding over baby Leah, and the love they feel for her is healing them both. When Joseph makes an offer of marriage, Anne’s painful past resurfaces and she’s unsure of what to do. But taking a chance could mean love – and family – are waiting just across the fence.

Lancaster Courtships: Life and love in Amish country

Tash M

The Amish Midwife is the third  in the Lancaster Courtship series and can be read standalone though it does refer to previous couples. Whilst I hadn’t read the previous books, I found myself falling for the story as Davids writes stories that  are charming and sweet

This was different from other Amish books I have read , it was more modern in certain ways. The hero and heroine didn’t have a courtship per say in the typical sense at first.  Also if you took the Amish lifestyle away this couple could fit in anywhere and any story but the Amish bit was what made them special.

Anne  is happily single because of her secret painful past .  She makes ends meet as a midwife and selling pumpkins however she hasn’t lost her spirit.  She can handle anything and immediately you   connect with her sassy spirit when she takes things into hand with her next door neighbour Joseph.   The owner of the smelly goats she wished weren’t next to her property.  They co exist barely and  whilst Leah is  involved in the town. Joseph stays away wanting to forget where things went wrong.

Until his past and present collide when his sister Fannie returns and leaves with him her baby.  Joseph doesn’t have a clue how to look after a baby  especially after the fall out with  his sister. He doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes with Leah and turns to the one person who  can help. Anne


The Amish Midwife was a beautiful story of second chances. Joseph  thinks he can’t do anything  right. I loved that he was sensible to go to Anne to be her nanny thinking that it would be a simple solution. It wasn’t and that was the magic of the story as this was something different. Readers are taken on their journey as the struggle  with the decisions .  It was addicting watching these two overcome things, wondering if the author would give them the ending that they want or  wrench things apart for a better ending.  Davids delivered a beautiful Christian story and one of my favourites to date in this genre.

My only big qualm is that I  wished Fannie got her story and this wasn’t the end of the series. As she had a story to tell with  past and wonder who would win her heart after all the things she had been to. Oh well, I can only imagine



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