Review: Ocean’s Three (Made In Heaven #2) by Elena Kincaid

Ocean’s Three

Series : Made In Heaven

Publisher : Siren Publishing Inc

Source : Manic Readers

Release Date : February 2nd 2017


Get ready to set sail and meet the men of your dreams…

Cameron Pompeo has always seen things, felt things, he could not explain, the biggest of which is a young girl named Jocelyn, who appears nightly in his dreams. When his cousin Reed Pompeo suddenly shows up in his dream, Cameron realizes that not only does Jocelyn exist, but she will be important to them both.

After a tragic accident kills her mother, Jocelyn Parker struggles with her guilt. She pushes away the two most important people in her life as a form of self-punishment and tries to convince herself that she made them up, despite the fact that a sense in the very depths of her soul tells her that they’re real.

A cruise to the Mediterranean finally brings the three of them together. There, they make real memories and promises to each other, but what happens when the cruise is over? Will their love be strong enough to survive the outside forces that threaten to destroy their happiness?


Tash M

Kincaid’s blended offering of contemporary with a dash of  paranormal  was something different  and I was intrigued by the premise. Who can say they dreamt of their future partner let alone known who they were from such young .  Jocelyn has ever since she first appeared in Cameron’s dreams along aside Cameron’s cousin Reed and has experience much with the two guys .

Their lives  have  been weaved together in their dreams since then and  they have experienced the highs and lows of lie. However it hasn’t been always smooth sailing  with Jocelyn  struggling with the guilt  that has lead to some bad decisions.

Jocelyn isn’t bad, she believes that she responsible for things that were out of control and  as a result she forces herself to self punishment .  She doesn’t believe she is deserving of the love and it a constant struggling in this book with her .

As she cuts them off believing that they aren’t real despite her heart telling her otherwise . As what person what wants a woman like her after her past mistakes . A woman supposedly responsible  for bad things .  It not only  has destroyed her but a  part of the men .

Until now when the author gives them a  chance to meet in reality and explore those unrequited dreams and desire.  Years may have passed and  there are scars there   but  there something  special there.  Kincaid takes this opportunity to show how it not all just a dream . It real life  reality and it could be Jocelyn’s reality if she only  accepted the  happiness the men are promising

Kincaid’s latest ménage didn’t disappoint. Full of emotions and heart, the story of the trio was a beautiful story.  It was hard not to fall for these characters and get caught up in their lives. I loved how this was a story for the ages. One that you couldn’t forget in a hurry like the leads as it stood the test of times.

Whilst the story mainly revolved around Jocelyn , the men weren’t left at the sidelines. Kincaid masterfully weaved through their past to the present perfectly. I loved how she chose the right moments and it only added to their story.  As the men were olde,r it was only natural that they experienced life differently and it did affect them as well. It made the anticipation for the cruise only stronger and that portion of the book didn’t disappoint either.   As everything came together finally  beautifully and they got the chance to explore things and see  what it could be .

I loved how she took them all out of their comfort zone to finally meet and set the book in some  stunning landscapes. I loved that even though they were together it wasn’t lets forget everything and moved on. No, was let build things together, sort out our feelings and secrets.  There was a lot to deal with even if they hadn’t met physically and it was the perfect mix. Fun , sex and upe

This was definitely a relationship made in heaven  and Kincaid, delivered an fantastic addition to her series and ménage amour line. It was worth the wait for a sequel and I loved the story and the characters



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