Review: It Came From The Deep by Maria Lewis

It Came From The Deep

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Publisher : Self Published

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Release Date : October 31st 2017



An elderly professor is murdered, leaving a puzzling crime scene for police to unravel and a laboratory housing all kinds of marine life. But something is missing … something huge.

Recent highschool graduate Kaia Craig has problems of her own, with her career as an ironwoman on the Gold Coast in jeopardy after a horrific accident. Yet someone wants to hold her accountable.

After nearly drowning in Lake Pelutz and her attackers on the run, Kaia is left with more than just physical injuries. She’s convinced she saw something in the depths of the lake: something that choose to spare her. Uncertain whether she’s running towards the discovery of a friend or foe, Kaia begins digging into a mystery that may have bigger ramifications than she or any of her friends can fathom.

It Came From The Deep is a thrilling combination of young adult and science fiction from the author of the critically acclaimed Who’s Afraid? series, Maria Lewis.

Tash M

Lewis ‘s YA Debut It Came From The Deep, is an unexpected surprise that  fills a niche in the Australian Market.   In a country that is diverse and has many opportunities .  Clubbie culture isn’t something that  is found in YA books. It’s a lifestyle that is under represented in Australian YA and is a key part of Australian history and culture

Lewis paints of a picture  of a lifestyle where everyone trains hard and parties hard. However Kaia her protagonist,  once a avid clubie has changed, she goes through the motions now.  Her life isn’t the same since the accident.  She become a shell of herself, she isn’t  the bright young champion that had the world at her feet.

Kaia  is an addiction that you don’t to give up yet you don’t want to know. She lost herself since the accident and it shows in the early chapters. She  doesn’t  now anything else and those months have been hard on her .Yet she isn’t broken. Just tired and needing  a push.  She needs to   stop wallowing in  her past. It was an accident that could have happen to everyone .

As bad is to say the near drowning in Lake Pelutz and the mystery was what she needed. She need to think about the bigger picture. Cabby was edging her towards it and I loved her for it.   She need to embrace the  culture again even though she didn’t agree with all it.  It was a big part of her life and entwined well with the other half of the story.

The mystery   surrounding Lake Pelutz, there was a quite a story there and  I loved how  Lewis  created this half of the story. It was something different but not too crazy. I like the concept and it worked well together. It shows how much a talent Lewis has combining contemporary with another genre. I won’t give too much away. But it is addicting and thrilling. Lewis has done her home work  and it shows

Lewis has  proven herself once again.  It Came From The Deep is honest and realistic of typical Aussie culture. She doesn’t mince words and her cast of characters represent how diverse Australia is .    I love her voice in this novel. It’s an accurate representation of  Aussie culture. The easy going, laid back nature that Aussies are known for  meets clubie culture. I enjoyed exploring the clubie culture as it a foreign world for me.  She parred them well and it really showed with Cubby , Kasa’s friend who helps Kasa break out of her shell.

Surfer Paradise was exactly as how I know it and it was perfect setting for this book.  The culture is unique and represent the melting pot of Australia .  Lewis doesn’t shy away from the typical issues as well .  She isn’t afraid to talk in true Aussie fashion about riding the wave  and other problems. It was a book I could easily read again  and I enjoy It Came From the Deep. It was a wonderful Aussie YA that I never knew I needed.




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