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Title: Deal Breaker

Author: Tara Leigh

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 14, 2017

Cover Designer: SMP

Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.





Nixie Rowland is having a bad day. Rushing home to drown her sorrows in ice cream and reality television, she decides to take a shortcut to the subway where things take a turn for the worst. But Nixie’s bad luck doesn’t end there—the white knight who comes to her rescue is none other than the Dark Knight of Wall Street, a cocky Manhattan mogul whose ego barely fits inside his penthouse. To her horror, Nixie discovers the sizzling attraction between them is off the charts, and rising fast. Spending the night in his bed does nothing to lower the heat… And everything to set her heart on fire.


Nash Knight doesn’t have room in his life, or his heart, for anything beyond one-night stands or casual flings. And he certainly doesn’t make a habit of rescuing damsels in distress. Except that this particular damsel slips beneath his armor, the vulnerability she covers with a false show of bravado hitting him somewhere deep. Nixie is everything he never wanted… And exactly what he needs.


With Nixie on the run from a controlling ex, and Nash trying to salvage a business deal at risk because his conquests in the bedroom are overshadowing his wins in the boardroom, there’s one simple solution for them both: a marriage in name only. But when lust becomes love, will their untamed emotions be a deal breaker?




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Tash M


I didn’t get the pleasure of reading , Leigh’s debut novel earlier this year. However I jumped at the chance to read the second novel  in  the Billionaire Bosses series, Deal Breaker.  A story that had surprisingly touched  my heart in a way that I wasn’t expecting.  A romance that was personal and heartful by exploring a part of recent history that no one will forget in a hurry.

It’s a powerful part of the book and a very important of the story. As it drives how the characters interact and relate to each other. Emotions and tensions are high and  you won’t forget these two in a hurry as a result.

Nash Knight is a typical  billionaire playboy who I have seen in countless romances , I thought. However underneath the pretty painted appearance, is a man who has been unable to deal with the past and the emotions it has brought.   He is one of the lucky ones and he knows it despite that past giving him heartache.  Nash grew up in the rough parts of New York and never forgets his childhood. He is now a workaholic whose life is about to turn upside down by a redhead named Nixie.  A woman who  shares some of the same pain and  who  he happened to rescue from a situation that about to turn nasty.

He could have walked away and gone on with his life. However Nixie catches his attention and he more then happy to give her some of his cultivated charm . As this may start of a knight and damsel situation but it isn’t just that. There is a wonderful rich story waiting to be unfolded.

Nixie is a woman who wants to be independent yet she isn’t. Constantly have to put a face on to hide her vulnerability  that she never escape. Nixxie doesn’t want a man like Nash in her life so that she can appear weak and get support for the pain she has created for so long . She rather tough things out . Even though the attraction is obvious and she  is intrigued

With Nash more then willing to break his own rules, Nixxie cautiously open to things as time passes by and Nash makes his moves. It should have been smooth sailing. Yet the past and the grief stilled reared its ugly head. Leigh made sure to address things carefully in that respect and don’t make any bad decisions.

Both of them take a well rounded view before delving head first into  the relationship and even though it became a deal breaking relationship. It was obvious that these two weren’t going to start things on tenderhorks even though it had taken this turn later in the novel..

Leigh wrote an interesting romance. It was a bit topsy- turvy and made it refreshing by establishing a relationship first before the cliché. It made it more relatable and understandable given things in this novel.

One of my favourite parts of this novel was the pacing. The author made sure to make this relationship realistic as possible given the clichés involved and the fact there was some serious grief involved in the story.  Even though there was elements of attraction being instant. These two characters need time. Leigh plotted the story beautiful to address those issues that were holding them back.

And it ended beautifully. Whilst this end of the Billionaire Bosses, I can’t wait to see what Leigh has in store for us. She definitely knows how to hit hard and writes stories that will make things feel fresh and alive.  Deal Breaker is the type of modern romance readers will enjoy because it brings the old and the new together so perfectly well.



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