Review:High-Sided (Armed & Dangerous #3) by L.P. Dover

High- Sided

Series :  Armed and Dangerous

Publisher: L.P. Dover LLC

Source : Author

Release Date : July 18th 2017



Wild, reckless, and fast.

That’s how I raced until a fatal accident on the track ruined my riding career. I had no choice but to leave that life behind; at least, until now. My name is Logan Chandler, one of the best FBI agents in the country. When an old friend calls for help and winds up dead, I take matters into my own hands. In order to do that, I have to go back to my past, back to the racetrack and to the one girl I never thought I’d see again . . . Kassidy Bennett.

She’s the key to solving it all, but bringing her in could put her in grave danger. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize she was already there. To save her, I have to put everything on the line. It’s a race against time, a race to the death, and only one will make it to the end.

Tash M

After enjoying the previous book in the  Armed and Dangerous series, Dover’s suspense series. I was  excited to see the third book being released. Whilst this  book is loose connected to the previous book with some familiar characters, it can be read standalone.

This book features a sweet second chance set in some troubling times as things are heating up  suspense wise. Eight years ago Logan was the top of his game. Champion motorcycle racer and dating his dream girl Kassidy, daughter of the racing team owner he raced for.

Until it all crashing down when an accident left him injured and at his lowest, he did some damaging things. Young and foolish he threw at all away  including his girlfriend Kassidy and left town. Never to be seen in the small town  again .   We all  know what kind of man he become if you have followed the series or quickly learn as he become an FBI agent and is   one of the best.

Taking a break from work and having some down time, Logan finds himself returning to what he left behind.  , When the one connection to  his home town,  his best friend Levi calls  for his help to solve the strange events that involve the one person he has never stop loving Kassidy….

Kassidy hasn’t forget him either and whilst she tried to move on. She knows he is he one and the strange events that involve the family company  are something she can’t explain. Little does she knows these events are tied to her past and they  are putting her in grave danger.   Logan may be the only person who can save her  from  the situation.

Told in  dual POV of view, this story is exactly what I have come to expect  from this author when she gives us a new book. Good pacing,  a plot that fits the genre and characters that you can love. I wish   she just wrote quicker as I always enjoy her romantic suspense and can’t wait for the next one.  As this  ticked all the boxes for me as I loved a good second chance romance  and I quickly devour them anyway





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