Review: One Night in the Dungeon Anthology

One Night in the Dungeon

Series : N/A

Publisher Luminosity Publishing

Source : Author

Release Date : September 30th 2016


Are you ready to step into the dungeons and minds of three edge-playing Doms? Luminosity Publishing brings you the much anticipated, One Night in a Dungeon anthology.

A collection of red-hot M/M, M/M/M, BDSM stories written especially for you by three international bestselling authors, H.C. Brown, Tamsin Baker, and Dylan McEwan.

Master Luke: H.C. Brown
After so many subs, the men’s names have faded into sated memories of lust, with one exception, Master Luke’s vanilla virgin, Brian, and the one night in his dungeon, he will never forget.

Master Tony: Tamsin Baker
Master Tony is ready to fulfill Nathan’s wicked fantasies, and if his sub can go the distance, he might decide to keep him.

Ranulf: Dylan McEwan
With his Viking physique, Nordic godlike features, and insatiable sexual appetite, Ranulf is the supreme Alpha male, a Dom’s Dom—and his underground dungeon is by no means his darkest secret.

Tash M

One Night in the Dungeon is the first M/M  review I have posted in a while . I had lost interest shying away for no particular good reason. Not keeping  up  to date with this particular part of the  book world and  sticking towards mainly MF with  a ménage romance thrown here and here

Until I read another of Barker’s books and was offered an opportunity to read this anthology featuring her and two other authors , Brown and  McEwan. I jumped at the chance as this was the perfect opportunity to  read more M/M. And what better way  then some kink.

Brown has organised the anthology and  I must say did a great job.  Brown is the other author in this anthology that I’m familiar with coming across their work previously . They  kicks off this anthology with a dom who never commits   until his life turns upside when he agreed to play with a vanilla virgin who has no clue what he his in store for  with this experienced dom.

Brown’s offering could be said   it is a typical cliché . As It involves a  virgin and  a playboy  but Brown’s  story one in dungeon is far from that

Master Luke never can find some to satisfy his needs and when he spots vanilla virgin. He found his latest play toy  Brian but he never expects happen  next.  He  is very experienced and this man  is always looking for next play toy. Brian is just another ass that he can’t help want to have first go at. However when he gets to his dungeon and things become interesting , it looks  this Dom might of found the one….

Gosh I missed the terms that only crops  up  in M/M. The connotations quickly came back to me and I enjoyed the  story and the cliché that I’m guessing formed the story. The perfect idea for a kinky story in the dungeons and I wished there was more as one night in the dungeon as  it only the beginning for these two , Brown delivered a story that any kinky lover will enjoy as watch these two come together and experience more then just kinky. Whilst the roles are defined, the storytelling and the scenes take this novella to the next level and is  perfect way to kick of the this anthology.

Next up is Baker with her offering, Master Tony and  tells the tale of  Tony and Nathan. Two guys oozing attraction whose first physical meeting is played out in this novella  and with electrifying results . In this case both are experienced men  in the scene and know what they want in a man .  However both are on a mission , wanting to see what they felt online is the same in real life and we get taken on a journey with them as the explore this attraction.

As chemistry and attraction may be an important part of any relationsip but there more to this story that meets the eyes hence why it perfect for this anthology. The story  may start of in a dungeon but this kinky story is taken  to the next level and the results will please any kinky lover who likes a bit of a role play

This is the first time I have read a Daddy/ boy relationship story and  I loved the journey that Baker took us on. Whilst I’m not new to the idea of this type of relationship having read other kinky novels involving Daddy’s and baby girls. It was interesting to read it from all male relationship and see the subtle differences between the relationship.

The last  in this anthology is McEwan offering, a total new to me author and changes things up as everything isn’t as it seems.  Introducing us to sub Ryan and his dom boyfriend Brandon, it  is an interesting dynamics as whilst they may be committed. Brandon likes to humiliate Ryan and  plays around and likes to have some fun with Ryan.  Until the story takes an interesting turn and we get introduced to Ranulf and the story quickly heats up.

McEwan thrown an interests twist to story and changed  novella into something totally different that I wasn’t expecting. The exploration of dynamics and  other stuff that I will leave you to discover for yourself threw me for a spin.

I love idea of it and this was the perfect ending to this kinky anthology which was a bundle of surprises and the right book to get me back into the world of M/ M

4.5 couples



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