Review: The Bound (Ascension #2) by K.A. Linde

The Bound

Series : Ascension

Publisher: Self Published

Source :  Author via Inkslinger PR

Release Date : October 25th 2016



Cyrene Strohm is a Queen’s Affiliate, a high-ranking official of the court of Byern, with power and privilege to spare. But she’s also a keeper of dangerous secrets: like the fact that she holds the heart of the King, and that she possesses magic in a world where magic no longer exists.

Determined to discover what this means and how to use her newfound abilities, Cyrene sets off for the distant land of Eleysia. An island nation where Affiliates are strictly forbidden from entering.

But the journey is perilous, and the destination may mean utter ruin, as Cyrene comes to learn that everything she’s been told her whole life – about her court, her homeland, and even herself—are bound in a beautiful lie.

Tash M

When  I was starting really  to get into Fantasy , I read the first in the Ascension series and enjoyed the tale.   It’s has  been two years since the release of the first book and I’m finally getting around to reading the second book The Bound.  Whilst time has passed in reality, in the Ascertain world things  haven’t changed. Cyrene is still on the run and we see her trying to get to Eleysia another kingdom where she has been promised that she will find answers that seeks.  I loved going right back to the moment  where things have left off and quickly continuing from there onwards.

However like any good fantasy her journey isn’t straight forward.    She is an Affiliate, a position that holds a high ranking in her own kingdom of Byern. A position that has lead her into  to  situation that  she has  number of secrets  as a result.  It  has seen her running to find her true destiny.  With the King on her tail, wondering for her safety and wanting to claim her as his queen. Cyrene is a dangerous position as someone who can wield magic in a world that is void of magic. She is a rarity and being an Affiliate is one thing.  A magic wielder  is a whole different ball game.

As this instalment shows as we get introduced to more parts of this world as Linde takes Cyrene on a harrowing journey that has plenty of twists and turns.  Despite the length of the novel , it is pretty fast moving though accurate. Cyrene is forced to address things  by leaving Byern that she has shied away from so far. We learn more about this world and discover some interesting additions to this world.   The quest brings some interesting characters to the table.  And I loved the new additions.  As the title suggestions, some big action happens that changes things a lot. Cyrene really put herself on the line in this instalment. She took some risks, that could  have met death.  The lines were blurred at some points and I wonder would it end well for Cyrene given how things  are travelling . Especially   that Eleysia was painted in the blurb as a place that  could mean trouble.

I didn’t expect to end on the note that we did.  I didn’t expect the romance angle as well given what happened in book one and King Edric is still determined to make things happen.  It was an overall enjoyable instalment, that left more questions no surprise and left me wanting to dive straight into The Consort and wonder how this series is going to end now.




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  1. So glad you enjoyed this too, thanks to early reviews I knew the Alice in Wonderland similarity was slim, so that didn’t disappoint me. I like Ali and look forward to book two. Lovely review!

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