Release Day Review: With The First Goodbye

With the First Goodbye

Series : Thirty – Eight #5

Publisher : Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date : September 27th 2017


Bros before hoes or so the saying goes.

However, Maxwell Sheridan threw that saying out the window the minute he hooked up with his best friend, Alex’s, poisonous ex. The moment he slept with her, he was hooked. Sloppy seconds was not his style, but she was a cruel addiction he couldn’t overcome. He thought his days of betraying his best friends were behind him. But Max learnt the hard way that history had a way of repeating itself.

That was until one moment on a bridge would change it all.

Josephine Faulkner is struggling. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. Life has caused her to grow up. Gone are the wild days, black hair, and dating men her ambassador father would never approve of. But juggling work and life has meant that university hasn’t been high on her priority list.

When Maxwell Sheridan finds her on a bridge, dropping small stones into the lake, a friendship and connection between them blooms.

He offers to tutor her.

She offers him her compassion.

But their undeniable attraction and friendship will be tested.

And her name…

Andrea Wallace.

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Tash M

Still after reading a couple of Webster’s books, I don’t know why people  aren’t running out to buy her books like  I am.    Webster pours herself into every book and she truly understands her characters as she is  living their lives so to speak.  Setting her tales  in  the beautiful city that we both live in Melbourne and writing characters that could be her peers from her own life.   Every Webster book brings a sense of heart warming familiarity that  makes you crave more.

With the First Goodbye returns to familiar  territory   for me  with her Thirty –Eight series.  The series that made me fell in love with Webster’s words. Classic beautiful  love stories  set in modern contemporary times with twists and turns that leave you breathless and addicted.  As everyone wants a story like this in their life, even if you aren’t prepared for the rush that comes when you fall in love

Maxwell ‘Max ‘ Sheridan has been a character that you wanted to hate for every move he made .  He was the interloper, the one who had the knack of causing trouble unintentionally in his  quest for love. However yet he had this endearing quality that made you forgave him for his mistakes.  He was  the typical  young and reckless, walking through life with no clear plan in head, just wanting love .  He had let his head do the talking and let his heart be broken with out a thought for the consequences.    Consequences which have had a lasting effect so far with no attempts  by Max to change them.


Until now when  he is the   only single man  left in the group and  he is reminded of it at every turn. Max uncharacteristically made a move that sends this novel spiralling out of control , he properly thinks for the first time in  his life regarding women  and brings him Jospehine ‘Josie’ Faulkner  into his life.  Josie who could be  Max’s mirror image but this woman has her head screwed right on her shoulders. She knows what wants in her life. Unfortunately things don’t always seem to be working out that way.   Consequently reminded of the mistakes of others, Josie life has  done a 360  turn more times  then she care to admit

Desperate she  has claimed the one thing she can change in this life .  Josie decides to take charge of her  wild lifestyle and  move on from the mistakes she made. Gone are the days running around with  any man. They may have not had any lasting consequences but Josie wants something  more then trying to juggle everything else on her plate.  A connection  with someone that understands her perfectly, someone to share the struggles and burdens with . As her friends have their own lives to live despite their concerns and caring.   A connection like Max who has finally realised who has been under his nose the whole time.


Yet love isn’t that simple .


With familiar characters and return to some beloved locations, Webster’s latest novel is one that fans will adore like I have. This book may be  sub duet  in her standalone series, but it is the perfect introduction to the group and their lives.   From the moment those two meet, their story could be clear and precise. However it wasn’t . Webster knows that a romance isn’t a straight forward relationship especially with the baggage both of them had.   Getting inside of both of their heads and seeing what drove them to that first proper meeting. Seeing  love take a back seat and slow grow as they dealt with their baggage and rectify past mistakes . Understanding the real Max and those problem  and getting to know Josie and the life  that given her more then her share of problems by her own hand and others

With The First Goodbye needed to be told this way because of the baggage and I love the first part of Max’s and Josie’s story. It’s a work in progress relationship that has many layers to it.  There very much a sense that this relationship needs more time and I can’t wait to see how it finally ends in the next book.  These two are special like any other couple from this series and they might become my favourite stealing my heart away from Rob and Ally. As there still so many unanswered questions and thoughts left and I just need this next book.




Len Webster is a romance-loving Melburnian with dreams of finding her version of ‘The One.’ But until that moment happens, she writes. Having just graduated with her BBusCom from Monash University, Len is now busy writing her next romance about how a boy met a girl, and how they fell completely and hopelessly in love.

She is also not a certified explorer, but she’s working on it.

Find Len online!









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