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 Cold Malice

By : Toni Anderson




ASAC Steve (Mac) McKenzie is out to prove himself by leading a task force investigating a series of murders in the heart of Washington, DC. His undercover work in an antigovernment compound twenty years earlier is related—as is the sweet, innocent girl he befriended back then. Now that girl is a beautiful woman, and she has something to hide.

Tess Fallon spent a lifetime trying to outrun her family’s brand of bigotry, but someone is threatening her anonymity by using the anniversary of her father’s death to carry out evil crimes and she’s terrified her younger brother is involved. She sets out to find the truth and comes face-to-face with a man she once idolized, a man she thought long dead. As the crimes escalate it becomes obvious the killer has an agenda, and Tess and Mac are running out of time to stop him.

Will the perpetrator use a decades-old dream of revolution to attack the federal government? And will the fact that Tess and Mac have fallen hard for each other give a cold-hearted killer the power to destroy them both?


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Last year I discovered Anderson and fell in love with her writing with Cold Hearted, a gritty romantic suspense.  Ever since then I have been meaning to read more  of her books as I  loved the concept and the storytelling.  The Cold Justice series is a unique series where all the stories are standalone connected by the characters who work for the FBI in various roles. Each story featuring the leads entwined in a mysterious case that has plenty of action and thrills.  The perfect combination for any readers who love their criminal dramas shows  and want a suspenseful read that will keep them guessing till the very  last page.

Cold Malice is her latest release which is part of the same series and it was  a dozy. This was truly one that many people could relate to given the current state of affairs and shows how relevant a romantic suspense can be.   Racism plays a big part in this storyline thanks to a former cult that was determined leave their mark on the word with hate.   It has been twenty years since  Mac brought them down and he has become a well respected ASAC in the DC area. However a series of murders referring to a past that he thought he put well behind him  when he  wrapped up the case. Mac is forced to address his undercover past and  reaching out to the one woman who can help make sense of things.  He is a man on a mission and he is determined to put things to rest once and for all as there is no place for this cult.

Even if means accusing the only person who can help, brother as a suspect.  Throwing everything in a tail spin as the past and present collide and Mac is forced to use Tessa. The  woman who was a n innocent all those years ago  and the only one who knew there was something more to Mac then he was letting on.  Mac stuck out then as the story unfolds it easy to see why. He may of made some bad decisions in his personal life. But on the job, he was the man and it was easy to see why especially when it came to Tessa .

Tessa Fallon grew up in a world where she was always questioning things as a result of her formative years  were there was no love or kindness until Mac entered the picture. Her past  forged by parents she rather forget about as life was hell. Her life is now careful cultivated perfection   thanks to her adoptive mother.  She has the scars but she survived and made her stronger. Even if meant lying to protect her younger brother from the family  he was born into as sometimes are best left in the past  .   She determined to let him have everything perfect even if she can’t .Tessa is a survivor and she has never forget those moments that shaped her childhood. But when the murders start making the headlines and draws to her past . She is forced to take action as her careful life starts to fall apart. As the history will never go away and she isn’t a child anymore who is scared and defenceless.  She has power and she isn’t going to let her stop her this time. As she isn’t the same little girl anymore and whilst she  recognises Mac as the man who can help and save her. It’s been twenty years and things have changed.

In the  search for the truth, Mac and Tessa are forced to return to that shared past and hope for the best. As this case is about twisted as they come and is going to take  everything they have got to solve  this case as malice isn’t something that going away. It’s come embedded and it going to take these two  working together to undermine the  people out there determined to wreck havoc on the world.  Second chances may not always come along but you have to seize it and Cold Malice is their second chance, nevertheless the stakes are high and there plenty of opportunities of things going very wrong.

Cold Malice, is a fine example of what can go wrong in a case and can come back to haunt you.  It will have you addicted , wondering what happened that lead to someone becoming who they are to commit these murders. Looking at all perspectives, Anderson leads us this through this thrilling cases as we watch  the case unfold and see Mac and  Tessa work together to save their futures and rectify the horrible past that entwined them together. Well written and  intriguing, you can’t go wrong with the latest Cold Justice novel.



New York Times and USA Today international bestselling author, Toni Anderson, writes dark, gritty Romantic Suspense novels that have hit #1 in Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, the Top 10 in Amazon and Kobo stores, and the Top 50 in iBooks. Her novels have won many awards. A former Marine Biologist from Britain, she inexplicably ended up in the geographical center of North America, about as far from the ocean as it is possible to get. She now lives in the Canadian prairies with her Irish husband and two children and spends most of her time complaining about the weather.


Toni has no explanation for her oft-times dark imagination, and only hopes the romance makes up for it. She’s addicted to reading, dogs, tea, and chocolate.


If you want to know when Toni’s next book will be out, visit her website ( and sign up for her newsletter. If you want to read other fascinating stories about life in a city that, during winter, is sometimes colder than Mars, friend her on Facebook: (


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