Review: Her Stepbrothers are Werewolves (Stepbrothers #7) by Trinity Blasico

Her Stepbrothers are Werewolves

Series : Stepbrothers

Publisher : Riverdale Avenue Books

Source : Netgalley

Release Date : September 1st 2016



Lucy Ballard’s life sucked. First her father was killed in a boating accident, then some nut job she thought would be her husband, took something from her that left a hole in her heart the size of a watermelon. She was convinced that no man would want her now –she wasn’t whole. The one thing she had dreamed of all her life–to have a big family–was now physically impossible.

Duke and Nolan Masters were brothers, even though Duke was now the alpha of their pack. They shared everything else, including women. So it was no surprise that their mate would be one and the same, but they never imagined it would to be their new stepsister, Lucy Ballard. Not to mention the fact that she can’t’ have children, and the reaction of the pack to this would bring serious trouble.

Could the three of them come together? Would the pack accept her as their new alpha bitch even though she was damaged? Duke and Nolan were about to make sure of it, because otherwise there would be only one choice–to step down as alpha and move away from everything they knew.

Tash M

Her Stepbrothers are Werewolves is one of Blasico’s stepbrother novellas.  Quick, well written and a very dirty  ménage reads that  doesn’t disappoint.  Whilst some are tied to already existing series and others being standalones.  There  is something for everyone with these ménages novels, from shifters to aliens and they  all involving stepbrothers.

In this one we are introduced to Lucy Ballard who is having a bad week and the last thing  she is wanting is love. With her hidden secret, she doesn’t think love is on the cards.  She has  got other pressing problems to worry about   Her colleague has just quit  leaving her  in the lurch  and her mother has returned  home with a new husband in tow.

Lucy doesn’t mind Kirk, it is  more the fact that her mother didn’t talk to her for a month and she has  to play the  parent role now, something she very familiar with .

As  her mother is simple minded apparently but  even the news she delivers can’t be wrong and throws Lucy for tail spin. Revealing that her new husband and step sons are werewolves,  Lucy doesn’t know what quite to believe . Bad enough she has to  wrap her head around that .Her new stepbrothers believe she their mate….

Something that Lucy would never would have expected and the last thing she wants.

Could have ended on that note with a  sexy scene as the brothers worked their magic and claim her . However the author always delivered a well thought out story and an  endearing one.  She  works the characters to reveal more and throws  them into the deep end. This wasn’t a smooth ride to the say the least and this why I return to Blasico’s books time and time again. She doesn’t give forborne conclusion that readers will expect.

She keeps readers on their toes giving a sexy story that fitting for the characters and their problems as this isn’t a straight forward romance. There are highs and lows and whilst this  isn’t my favourite out of them. I still can appreciate the effort and the story that unfolded. She writes a pretty complete story , aside from the one little niggling need for more information

If anything wrong with these novellas, is the fact with the standalones such as this one, There a sense that  you need more background information.  It leaves you with a crave that you  need it to be a little more to be complete or hope for a follow up as you aren’t quite completely satisfied and makes you want to return to Blasico’s books again. She has quite a talent for hooking, satisfying you  but leaving you want more. It why I enjoyed her books and hope there is another instalment in the near future as this girl needs her fix.




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