Five Lip products to be wearing this Winter/Spring

This feature does contain  gifted products which will be marked with *. Whilst I was gifted  them for the purpose of reviewing and trailing them. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


I started on this post a while back and  honestly I got lazy. Winter has nearly gone  but I’m still posting this post as these are gorgeous products that are mentioned in this post. Plus honestly Melbourne doesn’t  always follow the rules when it comes to the weather and  we have had a cold start to spring. There is  no set rule with it comes  when you want to wear these products. In fact I would use  these products  all year  around  and will definitely will be using those lip balms for sure regularly .

With   Melbourne  now truly firmly in Winter and only a few signs of Spring. Now is the perfect time to make a statement with a stunning red or rock that nude.  I  picked some of my favourites lippys  to rock out  this time of the year. I tried to pick shades that I know I would be wearing myself and will suit various skin tones and have different finishes.

Mac Cyber  –  You can never go wrong with this classic purple from Mac. It is  more  of a  dark red  purple and it has a satin finish. So perfect in the winter when  our lips tend to get drier. If  you aren’t fan of satin, Mac Instigator is the perfect matte  purple lipstick to rock out  instead . Perfect when you want a pop of colour.


Anastacia Beverly Hills Vamp- This was my first ABH lipgloss and this brown red lipgloss is  my go too high end lip gloss .   Like the name suggests it  is a strong red tone. If you can’t get your hands on this  particular shade. I would recommend to try Heathers out instead as it the nearest tone to this shade. Heather is another gorgeous  lipgloss from ABH in the same colour family.


Lime crime  Salam – This was my  first  Limecrime  Velvetine and it didn’t disappoint.   This is a stunning  true brown and  one of my favourite cruelty free products. Matte finish and doesn’t dry out the lips and lasts for forever.  Perfect date night lippy.


Colour Pop Zebra-  There are quite a few colours in the range that would be perfect for the winter. However I’m draw to this  red from their ultra metallic range as you can use it on its own or as a topper over another lip product. It such a dramatic metalic and will draw people to your lips in an instance.

NYX Exotic – This is really a year around colour. It is such a stunning red lipgloss  and works for many skin tones.  This is my everyday go to lip gloss because red goes with everything and I love the staying power it has on my lips. It is not an super bold red like some others out there. So this the perfect every day red lipgloss for on the go.

Clean and Pure  lipbalms *. – Perfect when you want to rock out the natural look. These lipbalms are  magic and honestly have replaced my other balms.   They nourishes and protect the lips amazingly.  I own two of them, the peppermint and tinted rose.  They are natural lipbalms made  with 6 ingredients and less  which includes manuka beeswax and extra virgin olive oil. Both which have amazing properties. Stay tuned  for a  more comprehensive  review on them in the near future as there so much I want to tell you guys about these lip balms.

You can go wrong with any of these products and I loved rocking them this winter and don’t plan to stop wearing them anytime soon. Especially those lipbalms.


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