Clean and Pure Lip balms – First Impression Review

Whilst I was gifted  Clean and Pure lip balms for the purpose of   featuring on my blog . All thoughts are my own and haven’t  be influenced in any way by  Clean and Pure .


A couple of weeks ago these babies landed on my desk and I was super excited to try these out. Like the name suggests , these lip balms  are made from natural ingredients . Made  only using Aussie ingredients and of a high quality. These lip balms quickly become a favourite around here.   The brand really knows their stuff and has made sure to deliver a natural product that lives up to it’s promises .

They are life saviours. Yes I’m going to be chucking that word around .   If you have lip concerns like me , you need all the help for your lips.  And yes I’m concerned what I’m putting on my lips. As our lips are sensitive and I have seen first handed how it can easily react.  Nothing is worse then putting on my favourite lip gloss and having dry flakes appear.  This  is why I’m constantly using these balms as the brand understands  lips perfectly.

Clean and Pure is  a brand that cares about your  lips . They have created a lip treatment that protects and nourishes the lips that is  available in six flavours. Each of those flavours addressing a number of concerns relating to the lip.  With their signature packaging and look . It  is hard not to miss these beautiful lip balms.


What really surprised me was even though the lip balms only contained six  ingredient s or less.  They were  even better then  some of the cult favourites out there. They focused on the quality and so it definitely  worth the price you are paying. It’s comparable to other brands out there and  something worth investing in  especially given they use actual honey  instead of the powder or oil forms .

All their lip balms  contain Australian Manuka Honey and Extra Virign Oil   paired with Vitamin E oil and other ingredients .  Now if you have done your research like me, you would know the amazing health properties of both these two items.  I don’t have to go in to  crazy details here. Honey is know for it’s antibacterial  properties and other properties . Olive Oil for its hydrating properties and other properties .   Perfect for a natural lip balm

I picked two lip balms  out of the range of six flavours that I thought would address my concerns. Whilst there are common flavours that you can find any good lip balm brand, they do have all unique signatures .

Tinted Rose like the name suggests a rose inspired lip balm.  Whilst the lipblam is red as a red rose, this lipb alm gives the perfect to tint to your lips bring colour and shine to your lip whilst nourishing it. Definitely makes me not missing wearing lipgloss or lipstick.  Made using  cocoa seed butter, mica, and rose geranium oil  along with the common ingredients found in all balms.  The tinted  rose lip balm has  flora scent not to over powering. The cocoa butter  gives it a creamy texture that glides on your lips  and leaves it smooth.  The mica give it the red colour  which gives you the tint on your lip. Perfect when you going for  just a  natural look or want some colour on your lips.


Peppermint was my other pick as who doesn’t want  feel fresh all day. As Peppermint may be know for certain abilities very well. So I couldn’t resist trying a lip balm that has  antiviral and antibacterial properties  thanks to the peppermint.  It has a satin finish as well which I love thanks to the cocoa butter. It energises the lips thanks to the peppermint and protects your lips from all the nasties and has a peppermint smell thanks to the peppermint essential oil used in this balm.  Perfect when you want to look and feel fresh .

I couldn’t be happier with either of these lip balms and definitely worth adding to your every day routine


They are available nationally and RRP is $ 6.00 each. You can find more information on the Clean and  Pure website about other four flavours which are vanilla, pawpaw, manuka honey and cocoa butter.

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  1. Thanks for the review – I really like the cover but have never read anything by this author. Adding this book to my list

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