Sick of Tangles in Your Hair ? – Check this Winter Essential Out

Whilst I was gifted a Dessata Maxi for the purpose of   featuring on my blog . All thoughts are my own and haven’t  been influenced in any way by Dessata.

If you are like  me you probably have this reaction ever so often.

My Hair…

Where do I begin . Don’t get me wrong. I love my hair most of the time.  I’m lucky that it quickly grows and it is thick and wavy.   But in winter when it gets dry and so tangled that I’m  so desperate   that I run  my fingers  through my hair to make it look okay.

Not a good look.

I have an hair issue that I hate .  No matter what I do and how many times I brush my hair, I have knots and tangles by the end of the day all year around.  I’m not alone, I’m guessing. Everyone’s hair is different  but I don’t want to spend forever trying to sort out my hair. I like the thickness and thinning   it every time I go to the hairdressers only works for so long

Well I have the answer to your problem.

I recently was introduced to something amazing  that it  is life changing. No more combs or hairbrushes for this girl. Everything has been  put aside for one item.

The Dessata MAXI

The  cooler older sister to the original Dessata.

Easily one of the best  items I have laid my hands on . I have been testing it for the last week and so and  I haven’t been disappointed. I have  had  no more  tangle problems and I don’t have hold my breath when I reach a tangle  or a knot  in my hair. The Dessata is gentle and glides through my hair with out any resistance.

It was made for those have  thicker  hair whether it be curly, wavy or straight  and honestly it did live up to its promises . It makes life so much easier and   can be used when I have wet or dry hair.  You probably wondering how the Dessata has made such a difference. Well it has to do with the bristles.

The Maxi has 30% longer bristle then the original for starters.  So it able to penetrate the hair deeper  and allowing it to  deal with the problems that arise.  Along  with  having bigger bristles , there  is more spacing between them so that the brush doesn’t  easily get tangled in your hair. It glides through  instead .

Even with longer bristles and the bigger spacing there are 347 triple length bristles because of the clever  design.  It is light weight and a  handy size so you can easily carry it around in your handbag for a quick brush. No more trying to squeeze your brush  in when you travel.  This baby can be chucked in anywhere with out a hassle.

Not sold yet?

This why I’m calling it a winter essential on top of being of one of the best products I have laid my hands on. It promotes natural shine, straightness and softness to hair  by using it regularly in place of your usual hairbrush  so you hair doesn’t have the winter blues no more.  Now you can keep up the sleek trend year around.


So where can you buy one of these babies. Thy are available online ( and via select salons. RRP is 29.95 dollars and comes in 4 colours.

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