Winter Essentials: My New Addiction – Cob Popcorn

So recently I was contacted by the  Cob Popcorn PR Team if I wanted to try their new products and I said yes. Not knowing much about the company or their products aside from the obvious  . I was pleasantly surprised with the products   . Don’t let the name fool you. Cob don’t just do popcorn and honestly these are some of the best pre packaged snacks I have had in a long time.

Cob Popcorn recently launched a number of new products in the Australian Market and I think these are underrated products that people need to know about .

The first products are the Hip Chips which  lives up to the name . These aren’t just  any old favours and not just targeted  at hipsters despite the homage.  Hip Chips are for everyone  and is  a secret waiting to be discovered. Best of all they are gluten free  and an amazing  alternative to the  humble potato chip.

These are quiet  frankly delicious  and addicting . I could of easily eaten a bag in one day if I didn’t’ restrain myself and shared them.  These are too good not to keep to yourself really. They are light but have the crunch of a traditional chip

Available in a 90g size, Hip Chips are priced at $3.45 (RRP) and come in four flavours.

Tomato, Cheese and Olive-   Probably would have been my favourite if I could I could handle more Tomato. OH to be intolerant  . This combination was amazing and something you need to seek out.

Sweet Chili and Sour Cream – not over powering sweet . This was the perfect balance of sweet and savoury and I found it to satisfy my tastebuds.

Salt of the Sea  was the least favourite out the chips in terms  of taste.  It didn’t’ really have the salt favour I have come to expect  when I eat this favour.  This is great base though if you want to eat them with a dip or even substitute say for papadam

Smokey Chipotle And Beetroot was my favourite . I loved the combination of flavours and the sensations your taste buds  had after eating one chip. I was already  love those two favours individually so it was no brainier this was going to be a winner with me.


Available in a 175g size and priced at $4.75 (RRP)

This was the first to go and no surprise. This was a genius  marketing concept . Savoury and Sweet all  in one bag was going to be a winner for me. Like hip chips it is gluten free and nothing artifical.  It catered to my sweet and savoury tastebuds all in  one go  .  The caramel popcorn was just right. Not overly sweet and had a nice crunch. The cheese was subtle favour and I wished it was stronger for me personally as I love cheese.


Now you  probably wondering where you can get these now. Lucky for us   they are easy to find .

Tomato, Cheese and Olive and Sweet Chili and Sour Cream  available  at 7-Eleven stores. All flavours of Hips and Chicago Mix are available  independent grocers and specialty retailers.


As always whilst I may of been given free samples. All thoughts and opinions are mine and haven’t been influenced by the PR Team in any way

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