Looking for hours of fun this weekend ? I got the perfect game for you

Whilst I was gifted  The Game of Things  for the purpose of   reviewing  on my blog . All thoughts are my own and haven’t  been  influenced in any way by Talking Toys.  

If you don’t know  that in between the books, beauty and food . I love games, I used to be an avid gamer and was obsessed with  boards games and console games . However  as  I got older, reading captured  my imagination and thoughts.  Unfortunately as a result gaming has  been put to the side in recent years .

Until very recently when I started to dip my toes again in to the crazy world  of gaming .  I have been slowly  devoting time to revisit  my old favourites and discovering the new games out there .

However I noticed one thing,  the  board games I loved  as a teenager doesn’t cut  it  as it used to . I need to be challenged and I need some light heart fun when I play a board game.   Fortunately The Game of THINGS is here to meet those needs and more, providing hours of fun for everyone involved  .

Why you may ask.

This  is the perfect party game as  you only want silly answers   and who will know if it is the truth if you all are drunk  or busy laughing your head off.  As that all part of the game’s charm really

Laughter  is the key to this game as  their motto is   humour in a box. The perfect way to sum up this game as  you are going to be using you brain to be creative  and funny yet  be somewhat honest. The choices are endless given the topic

The aim of the game is simple . It is summed up perfectly like this  “ Pick a Topic … Write a Response… Guess who said what “

It  is really a fool proof idea and  it is hard not to get  enthusiastic about this game.   There is 300 cards as well so honestly if you play with the current rules. It could go forever   in theory depending on how fast you play.

It is really well thought out  and they have  solution for even the basic problems.  Hand writing  is no issue in the game , there is a way around everything.   Also the more the merrier in this game,  though it suggested eight is the max with the number of pencils available.   Really I see it as the sky is the limit as it would be harder to guess who wrote what  . That been said  you need at least four players to begin with. Even so they have a solution even for a smaller game  if you are worried it isn’t going to be too interesting.


Side note  about being interesting. Whilst the current rules are fun and pretty straight forward that it hard not to quickly get into the game. These aren’t the original rules . If you really want to go hardcore, Games of THINGS have the orginal rules on their website. I haven’t checked them out but I will do  in the near future when I get a chance to play this again

Available  from  all leading toy stores  for and  ages 14  up. This is the perfect game for the next big drinks and games night or a party. As the more people, the more fun!

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