First Impressions of McArthur Skincare Part #2

As always all opinions are my own though this post is sponsored by McArthur Skincare who were kind enough to send me these products for review. You can find part one of this series here.

Today I’m going to sharing my thoughts on the body wash and shampoo items that McArthur Skincare sent to me. I used the body wash every time I showered and used the shampoo and conditioner exclusively when I washed my hair. There are two shampoo and conditioners in the range and I decided to go with the Scalp Care range over the Replenishing range.

The reason why I the Scalp Care range is that it is aimed at scalp problems. Including itchiness, flaking and dandruff which is a common problem. Whilst I find my dandruff under control somewhat,I find my itchiness is  still a problem.

Scalp Care Shampoo was used like any other shampoo. I used a healthy amount because I have thick hair and I found this was pretty much like my normal shampoo I used. It dealt with the itchiness and did oily issue I have.  I used to wash my hair at least three times a week because of the oiliness but lately thanks to new products like this I have found that I don’t need to wash my hair so often.

Scalp Care Conditioner is an interesting product. It instructed ne me to use in the scalp which normally I wouldn’t do as it can block the roots. I did so as truly I wanted the best results and I did feel that my hair looked and felt healthier.

The shampoo and conditioner did make the hair look shiny which is a rare feat and I really enjoyed that aspect considering the time and the effort I have to usually put towards maintaining my hair.

As I was maintaining a good regime with skin care and using the complete skin care after showering, I had to take care of the rest of my skin and in this respect the body wash  was  a life  saver.

Total Skin Care Body Wash is supposed to work the same way as the Foaming Facial Cleanser except for the body and provide a total care like the Complete Skin Care Skincare. I  found that the body wash helped clean up breakouts and prevent  new ones  to an extent as it is a gentle cleanser and exfoliator which is best for sensitive skin which I do believe my skin falls under. This is an alternative to the soap if you prefer a body wash, though either can be used for the body. I did prefer the body wash as you can lather on a loafer and use to get to hard to reach areas. This did have a smell pawpaw scent but paw paw pawpaw isn’t too overpowering.

Like the other products in the range, I wasn’t disappointed with their shower and body products.  Definitely would recommend for those who love cruelty free products and I  loved trailing these products.


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