First Impressions of McArthur Skincare Part # 1

A couple of months ago McArthur Skincare was kind enough to send me some products to test out on the blog and for the past couple of months I have been testing them. Now I’m here to give my thoughts on them.  As always this post may be by sponsored by them. All opinions are my own and reflect my personal experience with the brand.

A little background to McArthur Skincare, they created an unique pawpaw extract using  Australian  grown Paw Paw  pawpaw and all their products have  various percentages of this extract in them. They have currently 16 products in their line ranging from wound care products to shampoo.

All use natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. So if youhave been looking for a brand that is cruelty free. I would definitely give this brand a try. As they  They don’t use Parabens, Sulphates and Petrochemicals . Also  pawpaw in its natural form contains high levels of vitamins A, C and E, antioxidants and enzymes.

McArthur Skincare were kind enough to send their skincare range, body range and their dry scalp hair care range to try. As there are a few products to get through I’m going to spilt them into two parts. Today will be about the skincare side of things.

As it gets closer to winter, I normally have to step up my skincare game as I find my skin can get drier  in the winter months  despite having combination skin. So for the past month my daily routine has been this:  washing my face with the Complete Skin Care Soap then the  Foaming Facial Cleanser and finally the  Hydrating Facial Cream.  I decided to do a combination of these three products daily for my face as I need some TLC  and it was recommended to me to use them twice a day for the  best results.

I wasn’t disappointed with these products.  I did feel a difference with my skin after two  weeks  and you can see my thoughts and some photos of these items in action below. It is self-explanatory how to use these item but please patch test them before using them.

Complete SkinCare Skincare Soap  is  handmade. There is no  overwhelming scent to the soap but I find that you need to storage store it dry  otherwise it does break down at the bottom a little bit because of the lack of certain chemicals.  It contains lavender oil, vegetable oil, lye and the pawpaw extract in there.  I found it did cleanse and moisture my face leaving it smooth without adding any extra oil to my face.

Whilst I only used it on my face since I had the body wash, the soap can be used on the body as well. There  is 20% of the pawpaw extract in each soap and  it’s sold  in a pack of three. I haven’t used that much so I see this lasting for a couple of months at least.

Foaming Facial Cleanser is  suitable for all skin types.  This is  a deeper cleanser  than the soap so it’s perfect for removing makeup at the end of the day and impurities. I loved that it didn’t affect my skin balance. It only replenished my skin  thanks to the  pawpaw  extract. The product contains 15%  pawpaw extract.  It didn’t have a smell to it but do follow the instructions to gentle gently massage in an upwards and outwards motions and pat dry to get the best results  so that the hydrating facial  cream has the best chance of  hydrating your face.

Hydrating  Facial Cream is probably  my favourite from this brand. A little goes a long way with this cream as well. It helped keep my face moist and prevented it from drying out.  25 % extract is in this and honestly if you want a moisturiser that has no smell and absorbs pretty quickly, give this one a whirl.

Complete Skin Care Cream was only used by me after showering as the application directs. This contains 60% pawpaw extract, the highest  concentration in a cream. This is supposed to be all in one  skincare cream that can replace a number of your products    It is  aimed at reducing redness and moisture moisturizing your skin. This can be applied anywhere and is it it is fast absorbing. I used this on my problem areas on my arms as it can get pretty dry and I saw to a degree of improvement.

After two weeks I started seeing results. I find my skin is naturally less oilier than I would expect it to be and without being dry. The price point of these products aren’t too bad considering they contain a unique pawpaw extract.  Well worth exploring if you are sensitive and looking for something different for your skin. I definitely will recommend MacArthur Skincare as it aims to replenish and gently cleanse your skin with out without affecting the moisture barriers. A gentle skincare range great for those looking for a natural range and to save time.

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