Urban Decay Jean Michael Basquiat Collection Review

Hey Guys, I’m Mollie you may know me from MollieTheReader, I am going to be doing a few reviews of makeup here on Tash’s blog so stay tuned for some more of them to come, I’m a very high end girl and Mecca and Sephora are my second homes. I was super excited to pick up this collection from Urban Decay because Basquiat is one of my fave artists and I really admire his work so of course I kinda grabbed everything once I saw them on sale at Mecca #noregrets.

First off – the packaging of this collection KILLED IT, its literal art and lets be real none of us could afford any real Basquiat works so owning this is the best I’m gonna get and I’m not even mad. It’s all actual canvas and the backs of the palettes have a hanging hook on the back so that you can actually hang it up like literal art if you’re into that.

Gold Griot Eye Shadow Palette

Price: $59AUD
Buy Here:

This palette is every neutral lovers dream, the colours in it are something I would wear every day and the gold shade Influence is literally like a gold glitter bomb for your eyes its beautiful. The lighter mattes at the top of the palette were a little chalky (still creamy) and a bit harder to work with but once you got them on and blended they looked really beautiful. The shimmer shades felt amazing and were really easy to work with and also very pigmented as well.

Tenant Eye Shadow Palette

Price $59AUD
Buy Here:

This palette is something completely different to what I own so I knew that I just had to have it for myself. The lime colour Exu is what really drew me towards the palette and it did not fail to wow me, it felt like butter and was so pigmented I couldn’t be more happy with it. The first two shades on the left side of the palette again were a little harder to work with but once blended looked awesome and just needed that little extra to make them perfect.

Gallery Blush Palette

Price: $55AUD
Buy Here:

These were absolutely a dream to work with, the highlight shade Now’s The Time felt amazing and also was very intense, I wore it today with a little bit of Becca Liquid Opal Highlighter underneath and got so many compliments about it, the formula all round just felt really good about them all and I’m sure that this palette will probably become something of my daily makeup routine.

Vice Lipsticks

Price: $28AUD each

Buy Here: http://www.mecca.com.au/urban-decay/jean-michel-basquiat-vice-lipstick/V-027365.html#q=basquiat&start=1

These colours were all pretty much up my alley colour wise, Abstract and Epigram were both cream finishes which feels really good on the lips however I don’t think that they would last the whole day or very good in compared to a matte finish or a liquid lipstick but still very gorgeous and something I’ll get a lot of use out of. Exhibition is a matte finish which I am still yet to try on my lips but have swatched it on my arm and loved the way it dried down.




27/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
Price: $33AUD each

Buy Here: http://www.mecca.com.au/urban-decay/jean-michel-basquiat-247-glide-on-eye-pencil/V-027363.html#q=basquiat&start=1 

The colours of these eye pencils are unlike anything I own, Anatomy is probably the one of them all that I will get the most use of daily as it is more of a neutral colour. I put it on yesterday and found that it was pretty long wearing and even was a little hard to get off but with a little effort still came off. The other two colours swatched really nicely on my arm and were also really nice and creamy and glided on the arm like a crayon it was awesome.

Overall, I found this collection to be really awesome and I think that once I have a play around with everything more I will be using them really often. If you can get anything from this collection I would recommend the lipsticks or the Tenant Eye Shadow Palette as the colours of the lipsticks are just gorgeous and the Tenant Eye Shadow Palette is really unique and also has a really smooth and buttery formula that are easy to blend.

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