Blogging Tips: Growing Your Blog Traffic

Wondering what has been happening to the blog and how I’m growing the blog  traffic.Then keep reading

If you are a regular reader of this blog. You may have of noticed the new direction of this blog that has slowly being role out .  As much I love books and enjoying reading and reviewing  them here on the blog.  I feel that  the blog need to reflect more then just my love for reading.  I feel I have out grown the blog in the last year or so  as I explored my other passions more and dove into new adventures. Whist I’m graceful for the friends and opportunities book blogging  has brought to me.  It is  time for a new season  and back to growing my traffic.

So when my blog decided to go into meltdown and I had to start everything over. I thought it was now or never. Posts may have been  recovered but if I was going to become a lifestyle blogger. Now was the perfect time.  I had been talking about doing this  for so long. So I had to rip of the bandage so to speak and just do it.

And I have slowly and surely.  My instagram has become a reflection of my love for beauty and got a complete overhaul.  However this wasn’t an overnight process. It has been hard and with its challenges.  As  whilst I maybe established in the book community. Lifestyle is another community and  I didn’t know where to start with growing my blog in that direction especially with traffic. What worked for book blogging couldn’t necessarily apply to lifestyle blogging.

So I turned to the internet and luckily for me in this day and age. There is plenty of things out there to help from resources to apps.  One thing that has been has great with this transformation and growing process  is  the resources.  The right resources can help you make or break your blog.  With time a premium for me, considering the amount of work it takes to produce a post. Promoting is always a secondary thought to me.  Until I  found a site run by fellow Aussies that has everything I ever wanted help for growing my traffic organically.

Talk About Creative has been a life saviour. If you are looking for a good resource that  looks at all aspects of blogging especially traffic I would recommend that you you book mark them now. I have learnt so much of the team.  Blogging isn’t just about your blog. Traffic can come from numerous sources and you need to understand the most minor thing to be successful.

They know their  marketing stuff and that is key to traffic and success. If there is a new algorithm from google to Instagram they have it covered. Their blog posts are informative and I learned a  few things or two  especially when the shadowbanning started on Instagram .  For someone who isn’t that SEO savvy. I love their breakdowns and how to market yourself.


It still a growing process but I’m starting to see how things could be  and things wouldn’t be the same with out Talk About Creative and I now  look forward to building my blog traffic  for this  new chapter of my blogging career.


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