Review: The Summer House Party by Caro Fraser

The Summer Party

Series : N/A

Publisher : Head of Zeus

Source : Publisher

Release Date : March 9th 2017



In the gloriously hot summer of 1936, a group of people meet at a country house party. Within three years, England will be at war, but for now, time stands still.

Dan Ranscombe is clever and good-looking, but he resents the wealth and easy savoir faire of fellow guest, Paul Latimer. Surely a shrewd girl like Meg Slater would see through that, wouldn’t she? And what about Diana, Paul’s beautiful sister, Charles Asher, the Jewish outsider, Madeleine, restless and dissatisfied with her role as children’s nanny? And artist Henry Haddon, their host, no longer young, but secure in his power as a practised seducer.

As these guests gather, none has any inkling the choices they make will have fateful consequences, lasting through the war and beyond. Or that the first unforeseen event will be a shocking death.


Tash M


The Summer Hose Part y was a book  that wasn’t on my  radar until it  was pitched to me. It immediately piqued my interest as it promised a saga and a mystery all rolled into one with plenty of juicy moments along the way. It was something different and as I tend to shy from this period of history. I   decided to take a chance on this engrossing historical saga and I wasn’t disappointed  with this historical saga

Offering a  snapshot  into the lives of a cast of characters. We are introduced to a vast and varied cast  who lives are entwined together by the  summer house party and the event s that take place there that shaped this saga through the years that follow providing a interesting and sordid tale  . The Haddon summer party is meant to  be a typical  summer party. A time for fun and flirting . However it so becomes quickly apparent as the guests arrive and we meet them  that this party is brimming with tension and secrets as well.

Some have past history , others are mere strangers prior to this party . However this summer party the young people come to understanding and spend time together, alliances are made and feelings arise. Things start to happen and connections are made and under the POV of  key characters we quickly come to see how things are thought not clear cut. As it wouldn’t be a saga without drama . However  this isn’t a whimsical summer as hoped to be  and  by the end of this party an event happens  that shakes everyone to the core

Leaving the book was a event that ties everyone together as the choices they made those hot summer day and nights come apparent and   the consequences aren’t  always the easiest .

The Summer House Part y is truly a saga fitting of the times. I loved the varied cast from the stout Paul, to the fun loving Dan. I loved how things were shaped and how the consequences were played out. I loved it wasn’t rushed and Fraser took her time, going through the entwining lives and bring things together. Whilst a little slow to start. I enjoyed this saga and look forward to reading more from Fraser


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