First Impressions Revlon Sculpt and Highlight – Is it a Dupe for ABH ??

Welcome to my first Makeup Review!

In the last Priceline’s 40% off sale, I picked up the Revlon Sculpt and Highlight  in 02 which is meant to be for Tan / Medium Skin tones.
I was really hoping this would be a hit for me as I know there is a lack of  drugstore contour palettes for us darker skin girls here in Australia . I’m yet to find a contour palette that I utterly  love and can say that is a holy grail palette because of the contour shades. I’m pretty satisfied with  what is out there in terms of highlighters in contour palettes. But I find contour shades don’t suit my skin tone well.  I tend to find the darkest shade is only just perfect or just not dark enough

I haven’t had a chance to try this our yet  in action purely because I got so many contour kits. Therefore I will basing my opinions on the swatches, packaging and my own knowledge.

The kit was developed in conjunction with Chloe Montello . So I was hoping she would cater  to  all skin tones and make sure this range would suit everyone tones as she has been in the business for a while.  I was quiet surprised when I saw this pop up on the beauty scene as I didn’t hear anything into the lead up and honestly I wondered if it was because they wanted to get this product right and not  be hyped up.


The box  packaging wasn’t my favourite thing considering the sleek packaging  the kit is housed in. It is  pretty thin cardboard and  it could have been thicker. Though   I love how the designers did their magic on this packaging though. It was simple and eye catching  front and  back.

Allowing the marketing to shine by using colouring and capitalising letters for the information they wanted to stand  out .  The promises written on the back of the box packaging  instantly catches your eye as any good advertising would do .With those subtle differences, I immediately took notice of those promises and hope they lived up to those promises.

I loved that we could see how big exact the product would be inside and what the kit looks inside. One of my pet peeves is false advertising and over dramatising things which wasn’t in this case

The kit packaging   was an A+ . It  perfect for traveling and it is lightweight.  It doesn’t seem flimsy and I love  the sleek packaging and reminds more high end then drugstore.

The back  is  a  straight and simple summary of what is inside and what which shade is used for and application. It is great for when you are on the go and don’t have time to read the more detailed pamphlet or plastic card located inside


The visual  pamphlet and the way the kit is set out is genius. It is  perfect for a newbie or a seasoned pro who knows what they are doing.  The plastic card is a mirror of the back of the kit . Names each of the four shades  and what they are use for .

The pamphlet, which is  double sided, looks at each of those four shades and what they do exactly. This is more broken down then what the back and the plastic card shows .

The circle pans was not unexpected but the way it was lay out reminds me of ABH to be honest  and I was hoping these might as good as those kits.






 Sculpt Shades

Bronze is the lighter shade and the top swatch in both pictures

Sculpt is the darker shade and the bottom swatch in both pictures

As you can see the shades aren’t dark enough for my skintone

To get the  built up I did with the swatches for the bronze and sculpt shade. I had to give it a good swirl with the finger to get it built up enough to. swatch on my arm

To me these shades are only a few tones apart and should of been a greater range if was going to live up to the promise of ‘suits virtually any skin tone.

Highlight Shades

Banana  is the top swatch

This I feel has become stock standard for contouring kits so it was a given shade to include

Glow is the bottom swatch

This didn’t scream to me like other highlighters. It is a subtle shine and honestly it may not be enough for some people who want a blinding highlight

It does build up so I do hold hope it enhances my best features like the professionals and blurs out any imperfections like promised on the cardboard packaging

It  is  pigmented  as I thought any of these shades would be but there no comparison to the glow you get from a ABH kit which is a pity as this was giving me ABH vibes

Pricing point

24.95 RRP

10 grams of product

Compared to other contour products on the market  at a drugstore level. It not necessary the cheapest contour kit  on the market especially for a powder contour kit or the most valued one.   However for a Relvon product it isn’t priced too bad considering that for the same price point you get a 4 in one item verse just one item. I would happily pay full price again considering it is made in Australia to support the local industry but only if there is a darker  kit is made

Final Thoughts

I do think Revlon need to bring out a  03 dark palette for us darker skin girls and hopefully they do and re release them like Australis did with their contour kits.  As I’m not sold yet  on the current kit based on first impressions of 02 that this range  would suit all skin tones. I could make it work like I did with the other drugstore kits I have that I use and love with some build up .  From what I seen in the media and other bloggers, people seem to love it and I do love the highlight colours. The sculpt colours are only a couple tones darker for me and to be really defined  I would love an Ben  darker brown shade as they seem very similar tone colours when swatched on my skin tone .


However for Revlon’s first foray into this area of the makeup market, I will say they did a great job and I hope this isn’t the last kit they bring out. Whilst the palette gives me ABH vibes with the pans and the way it is set out and the colours resembling some of the shades in the earlier ABH glow kits.  This isn’t definitely a dupe per say . There some similarities but it not a clear dupe any particular glow kit.


Have you tried this kit out or any other drugstore contour kit ?

Let me know in the comments

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