Day in The Life of a Blogger – It isn’t so Glamorous


I honestly think and hear that people feel our lives are glamerous. Yes we get in exchange for review free things but the amount time and  effort that goes into a post adds up. I have made sacrifices and currently I’m trying to rebrand my blog as not just a book blog. A lifestyle blog focusing on beauty, books and food.  So in a spur of a moment, I found myself recording my daily life as it is at the moment. This is the normal day. In fat this was a off day as I have been bit meh about blogging recently. I haven’t read much or felt like putting make up on. It isn’t a burnt out as I love still tain

It’s 9.10 on a Wednesday morning. I’m already back in bed , writing this piece from there as it is  cold. I have been up for two plus hours and already .  I just started breakfast and I’m about to put on  some TV so I can watch and read once I finished writing down..

In those two hours, I have been on instagram posting, liking and following to stay ahead. Twitter to  chat with my friends and seeing  who has tweeted  my tweets

Facebook to see what happening with my friends and  watching random videos.

Changed my top, so I could take photos and not look like I literally got out of bed.

Snap a hair tie trying to put my hair up so  I  could clean my face

Tried some new products I got in the mail yesterday

And my  brain is at a million miles an hour, planning and making mental lists what needs to be done .

Golden hours to take photos,

Write send and emails

Write reviews


10 am – Basically accomplished nothing. Watched more random videos on my phone off youtube , and now looking at websites and finding pr information.

10.30 am  checking out the 2017/18  Smoed list since it just came out. For those who don’t know Smoed is a competitive cheer team in California.

Whilst the TV is blaring in the background oppsFinally on track. Reading and eating a chia and cranberry muffin

12.30pm  Out of bed, Finished a book and checking emails.  Checking calendar as I can’t find the post date I agreed to for a book review

1.30 pm  making lunch which is soup and trying to watch some more  TV.

Distracted  because there is no sunshine today.

Send emails

3.30 pm  Watching Dance Mums as I missed the originals and can’t get enough of Abby Lee

Two hour quickly pasts opps  as soon I’m watching Judge Judy

6pm Sister comes home with goodies

Start cooking  and put dinner in the oven

7pm Eating dinner and watching more TV

Check calender and trying to figure out when some reviews are due

8pm Reading and trying ot upload some old posts to my blog

Planning future posts

Blogging never switches off , I’m constantly

9 pm Posting on Instagram and chatting to frends.

Making plans for tomorrow

10 pm Tea Time

More reading and TV

12.30 Bed


As you can see that isn’t so glamorous. As I sit down and write this final bit. I’m doing exactly the same minus less TV and  trying to get my head screwed on to  write more pieces and shot some photos. Blogging is a lonely gig and whilst I wouldn’t change things. I do miss the face to face though and hope in future months this will change

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