Cheap Storage Ideas- Where to Find Them

I  have quickly amassed a  major makeup collection over the  last year and so  With  amassing a collection so quickly has come the challenge of a lack of space. As already in my room, space is a premium. I currently have two book cases, a dresser, desk, ottoman and a queen bed in my room.  There was no Alexa  drawers in my  near future  unless I got rid of my desk.

So I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on my storage  as  I don’t what going to happen in the future and I want to have a cohesive room .

However with some clever cheap options on the market, I have made things worked for me   for now.

So with a with few purchases and some DIY. I have my make up  set up  which I love for now.


Kmart is your friend. Kmart has really up their game in the last couple of years  and now has some  amazing storage options.  If you check out their storage and bathroom section you will be pleasantly surprised.

My trolley which stores  a lot of palettes,  is from Kmart. It  is actually meant for the bathroom. But with the only space between my book case and dresser being small . This was perfect. It comes with four drawers and a metal top . The best thing  is the price. I only paid  around 40 bucks and honestly it the best investment I could make given the limited space that was available .

The second and third pieces are these tubs  which retail from around 4-12 price point  I think from memory.  They come in  rectangle and square shapes. The rectangle one is handy for storing a few palettes and the square one is my storage container containing back ups of my favourites and other random bits and bobs.  This particular colour is discontinued unfortunately but there is still some gorgeous colours available in various sizes

The last piece I have from Kmart, is this clear  storage, which can be found in the bathroom section with other storage options for makeup. This one is meant more for the bathroom but I love the size of it and the compartment space so I grabbed  this one verse the makeup storage options available . This retails for around 19 bucks


Reject shop can be your friend.

I actually nearly bought my trolley from there because they had some on sale when I purchased my other pieces but went for the Kmart one instead.

Now their range is tiny but I do  love the three pieces I picked up from there .

My ultimate favourite storage piece is this makeup carousal   that only is 20 bucks  and it holds tons of lipstick. I think I have about 80 on there  and still have space to fill

They also  have a lipstick holder and another holder and they are only one and two dollars each. They aren’t the prettiest thing to look  so if you want pretty . I recommend to check out my next recommended place


There a tons of  storage that you can buy at Daiso where most things are at 2.80 price point  that can help you with storage. However I will recommend one thing from there quiet purely because I own a few of these

Now they have these storage containers that are supposed to be for office storage and they are the worst keep secret . I literally had to place a back order on them as they are so popular. They are  around 4.5 each and they can hold quite a few things and be stacked. I  own five of these and honestly they don’t take up much space on my dresser.


I pick up  three lipstick/lip gloss  stands on Ebay as I couldn’t find anything locally and they are cheap as.  I think I paid around 4 bucks each for them.   They hold 24 each in of them and   they look great on my dresser . I  can visually look at them and it easy when you are on the go and stuck for time


There is plenty of things lying around the house , that can be re-purposed and decorated to your heart’s desire.

Cardboard boxes are my life saver as they are flat and  usually pretty sturdy .  I’m currently using one from Chi Chi and another from Priceline as I loved the patterns on the outside and no one is going to see them aside from this blog post .  They hold quite few things in them and  great when I need to quickly put stuff away  as my desk is pretty messy when I do my make up.

Coffee Jars , they are your new brush holders. You can easily paint them  to your chosen colour or decorate them to your heart content.

Ice cream containers can be too . Well mine  has become another brush  holder and lip glosses  as this girl has so many brushes .

Hopefully you got an idea or two from this post. There are plenty of options out there that won’t break the budget.

Do you have tips to save  money on storage .Stay tuned for another money saving post

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  1. I picked up quite a few bits from Kmart today for my beauty room and for $45 I am really impressed! Most of it was from the kitchen section too ? I’m also a huge fan of the acrylic storage from the Reject Shop!

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