Beauty Brands That I Want to Try in 2017

Every girl can never have enough makeup right.

I spend a lot of my time these days on Instagram and surfing the web, my makeup needs have reached a whole new high .  Whilst I have  tried a lot of new brands in the last couple of years. There are still plenty of brand,s I haven’t tried that are out there. So  I thought I would put together a small list of brands I must try this year once my ban is over and I cut down my collection

Bobbi Brown was launched the year I was born and  since then has become a favourite for many with their wide range of products and colours  .   I have been eying their lip products for a while  and they try to use natural ingredients in them as well.  So it is a win win for me

Bourjois foundation Healthy Mix Foundation was just relaunched and seems now is  the perfect time to try this brand. I have friends who love their foundation and I’m always searching for my holy grail foundation

Genie Beauty  is recently entered the Australia market and I keep seeing it all over social media with some rave reviews and gorgeous packaging. I definitely want to see this goodies close up and personal

BYS Is PETA certified and that Berry palette which everyone is claiming is a dupe for ABH  Modern Renaissance  and that pigmentation. I need to get it asap and it is a Aussie band

Ulta which is another Australian affordable brand with some beautiful colours and kits. I  have seen their HD range and it seems to get amazing results

Designer brands is vegan friendly and affordable which is always a plus for me given my skin and allergies .

I’m a sucker for eyeshadows and Gilded Cage Beauty has some beautiful colours

I saw this in action recently and I was amazed by the results so definitely curious to try Mirenesse for myself this year

And last but not least, I’m slightly cheating here as isn’t a makeup brand per say
Bioderma. I’m dying to try out their  their BB Cream ,wipes  and their daily cleanser

This no means defined list of what brands I have on my radar. There are plenty more but  these  are some of the brands I’m dying to try out at some point this year

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  1. I have to say everything I’ve ever gotten from Bobbi Brown has been a complete win for me. Their gel eyeliner, in particular, is a HG product for me.

    I’m off to buy some of the BYS dupes tomorrow at Kmart so I’ll definitely have to make a post about them when I’m done trialling them!

  2. BB is such a nice brand! unfortunately I haven’t tried their lipsticks yet but their crayon lipstick seems so amazing, I almost bought one once but then I realized it was more than 40CHF here (~~40 USD)…ouch a bit too much.

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