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Across the Nightingale Floor

Series : Tales of the Otori

Publisher : Hachette Australia

Source : Publisher

Release Date : January 27th 2016

In his fortress at Inuyama, the murderous warlord Iida Sadamu surveys his famous nightingale floor. Constructed with exquisite skill, it sings at the tread of each human foot. No assassin can cross it unheard.

Brought up in a remote village among the Hidden, a reclusive and spiritual people, Takeo has learned only the ways of peace. Why, then, does he possess the deadly skills that make him so valuable to the sinister Tribe? These supernatural powers will lead him to his violent destiny within the walls of Inuyama – and to an impossible longing for a girl who can never be his. His journey is one of revenge and treachery, beauty and magic, and the passion of first love.

Tash M

Across the Nightingale Floor would be a book that I would have never discovered if Hearn hadn’t written another series sit in the same world  that was released  last year.  To celebrate the release the publisher, re- released the Tales of the Otori series with new covers to refresh the minds of existing readers and to introduce a new generation of readers to Hearn.

Namely me , who  was in primary school when  the first book came out and was stuck in the worlds of Enid Blyton, Alex Rider and so much more. Never  really interested in the world of fantasy to say the least. Until I discover the beautiful world of Japan and become interested when I read another fantasy set in the  same country. Since then I haven’t read any Japanese fantasy until now.

It been a while since I read a fantasy book, purely because of time and obligations and this book has been begging to be read  ever since it enter into my life and ended up on my tbr pile.  I have picked up with the intentions to read  it time after time but  I  never ended up starting the book . Until recently when I finally started the book and found myself lost in the beautiful  epic story  that Hearn was weaving

In a nutshell, Across the Nightingale Floor, maybe  be fiction but it some engaging fantasy historical fiction. With an  ensemble cast and wagging war. Hearn quickly took us to Japan and a period where  a man name Iida Samdu is on a mission to control things.   Battle lines are drawn and whilst he has control , there is much the dissatisfied can do as  Ilda is protected by a nightingale floor that warns him of any assassins.  However change is a foot and Hearn is weaving a story that is challenging him and he can’t do anything about it

Mean while there is rebellion among his amongst his alliances and this where the story really begins  when  a teenager named Takeo   life is changed when his remote mountain village  is destroyed and he is forced to flee.

Into the path of Lord Otoro Sheirgu who quickly takes him under his wing and we soon learn these two maybe an odd pairing but it a calculated move by the author. As times pass and we discover the truth of Takeo. He isn’t just an ordinary boy,  and Hearn quickly makes him and Sheirgu the standouts of this novel  as they play a dangerous game with Iida . With the game a foot and floor between them,  a seemingly harmless floor. It hold so much power and sets the course for the series.

Across the Nightingale Floor  wasn’t exactly what I was expecting in a good way. I didn’t think that the standouts and the leads would be a pair of teenagers aside from Sherigu and that things would end the way that they did. Hearn captured Japan from her view perfect, taking some liberties and creating a unique tale that is only beginning.

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