Review :The 12 Brides of Summer Collection Anthology by Various

The 12 Brides of Summer

Series : N/A

Publisher : Barbour Books

Source : Netgalley

Release Date : June 1st 2016


Meet 12 adventurous Victorian era women—a beekeeper who is afraid of bees, a music teacher whose dog has dug up a treasure, a baker who enters a faux courtship, and six more—along with the men they encounter while making summertime memories. Will these loves sown during summer be strengthened by faith and able to endure a lifetime?


Tash M


The 12 Brides of Summer  Collection is a collection of 12 novels  of historical romances which are all set in the summer time and with a Christian influence .  Also previously available as  3 in one collections, each of the story has a sweet tale of finding love in some testing conditions   but all having a happily ever after

Collection #1

.  First up is  Blue Moon Bride, with a sorrow tale at first. Ava lost supposedly the love of her life  when she was sixteen when he died in the war. Now that her younger sister is getting married and not wanting  to be downer.  She decides she wants to go travelling and   forget those memories .

What starts off a simple trip to Wyoming Territory, soon becomes anything but the moment she meets Joe on the trains. Joe is on job for his boss to deliver something to San Francisco but unfortunately  things don’t go well for the pair. The train gets robbed and whilst Joe does the heroic job and rescues Ava and the brooch she was supposed to give Polly. Poor Joe’s  package for his boss’s clients is lost and he doesn’t know what to do .

Joe isn’t a too bad of character but  with the robbers no where in sight and he stuck with the costs. He decides to stick around Cheyenne where Ava is happening and the rest lest say is history.  Davis offered a sweet story that built  up slowly  and allowed for nature to take it’s course making it believable  with plenty of action

Sun  Bonnet Bride, tells the tale of Sally and Malcolm who are neighbours in a small community that dealing with  a tornado. Malcolm is in love with her, but Sally isn’t exactly interested. She got other things on her mind and there another man in the picture. With the community trying to work together and recover, Malcolm is the steadfast in the community offering help where he can. However Sally decides to make some bonnets it when the story really starts to shine. A good story about generosity and how  God can work miracles

Wildflower Bride  tells the story of Grace and Ian  , a country girl and city boy who meet and fall for each other the moment they lay eyes on each other at the wedding of their mutual friends. However  they both got responsibilities   and it tearing them apart despite the right intentions. Grace the daughter of a pastor, feels her place  is with her father’s church and Ian has got appointment in the city to become the head pastor. Will they be able to sort their feelings and work out a plan suitable  and honour God

Collection Two

The Bride Rides Herd about a Uncle  and a neighbour who are thrown together looking after  his nieces when his brother and his sister in law got on a drive .  With kids involved it always going to be a fun novel . Poor  Matt doesn’t expect  to get roped in like this  , knowing next to nothing about kids and poor Betsy has also step up to the plate thanks to some unexpected problems.  With the parents not due for a few days, it up to these two to kept the peace and the house together . But it never going to plan and it a fun story as  these two fall in love and try to survive

The Fourth of July Bride Is a sweet cliché story revolving around a faux engagement but it doesn’t end that way.  Gideon is a wealthy man who has everything expect one thing a  wife . His mother is coming to town and he doesn’t want some match making, so the finance is the next best thing right . Naomi is dire straits , needing money to help her sick mother and get the surgery she needs. Gideon hears about their situation  and offers a solution to their problems. Expect that Naomi is falling in love with him and wants to change things and so does Gideon. But he doesn’t believe. …..

Naomi is in a sticky situation and  she can’t past over the sticky factor. Will God work a miracle in Gideon and change his heart. Or will Naomi will have to stay goodbye to honour God?

The Summer Harvest Bride

Sally is in a dilemma. She always thought she would married Wills, the mayor’s son. It been practically arranged. However when a new family arrives in town the Daughtons, Sally is left wondering has  been settle for second best and God has a bigger plan. As Lukas is making her question things and he an outsider the town isn’t too please to see. As   they are here only for the summer to build grist mill and Willis got the town believe that they are stealing and hurting the town . Will Sally be able to see that if she trust God, that everything will work out ?

Collection Three

Dog Days of Summer Bride was a fun novel involving a dog that has been living in two house and each owner unaware of what the dog has been up to until, the dog find a buried treasure  and they bought claim the dog in front the town. Marilee the prim music teacher who believe that the dog is a music geniuses  and Jed the town blacksmith who belives he a cow dog who has habit of disappearing to be with a woman. A woman he doesn’t want anything to do with as it causing trouble    Until they discover the truth and set out to work something  out but it isn’t going to be easy given that they are total opposites and Marilee has caused some trouble Jed  unknowing with the town

The Dogwood Blossom Bride, is story about God working in his mysterious ways and providing the right outcome. Grace ‘s father is a leading citizen and expect his daughter to stop acting like a tom – boy and marry a politician that is coming to town. However Grace is determined to still climb trees and do things as normal.

Grace is determined for the politician to notice for the wrong reasons instead it Will and his niece who notice her. New arrivals to town and the people her father would least to see her with especially married. Will is trying to give a better future for his niece. However things don’t go to plan for him either with the introduction of Grace into the picture. Laura can’t stop talking about her and  soon they find themselves in each other company clashing over things. Is this a sign of thing to come ?

The Lumberjack’s Bride

Lucy has found herself in the middle of now where in  Mississippi when her father up the family moved to  join the timber trade as accountant for a crew . Lucy misses the city and wishes to return as this far from what she expects and wants. Eli notices her and wishes to know her but Lucy is determined  when she finds herself nearly in an accident.  Determine to get her to stay and know her better. Lucy soon finds herself immersing her self into the daily life of the crew  but will she realise what in front of her .

Collection Four

The Country Fair Bride tells the story of Prudy and the new  mayor Adam who doesn’t know what exactly to do with her at first. Prudy the daughter of the town  left the town in shame after being a hussy basically.  She thought she was in love with the Pastor Clayton, despite him having a finance. Now she has returned a changed woman, recently expecting Christ . Determine to be helpful and help her sick father , she doesn’t  expect the reception from those who she hurt. However she still the  misguide woman of before but this time harmless . However Adam is too aware of what she like previously . Will Prue get the second chance and realised that God has everything in control

The Honey Bride is  set right in the midst of the action as we watch Katie Tucker the heroine faces some difficult times and see God rewarding her in her testing times.  What starts of a simple storm soon turns bad for the Tuckers when the farm gets on fire thanks to some lighting strikes.  Sending her younger brother for help,  he only manages to find Pete the neighbour’s hand who  tries to help them valiantly put out the fire.
however it ends tragedy as her father perishes in the fire, leaving Pete to explain and her ten year old brother the owner of the farm.

Pete  feeling sorry for them wants to help but he always had dreams of owning his own farm and whilst he interested in Katie.  There a lot going on and Katie has to wonder if  everything is falling into place a little too perfect and does Pete still have ulterior  motives

The Columbine Bride

Another Lucy  but this one is a widower who has been trying to manage things since her husband died.  The ranch has been left alone as she been busy teaching and now finally she can return to the ranch to fix things and give it a go. However she has no clue what she is doing and luckily her neighbour Buck has taken a interest. After encountering her in the mercantile and wanting to help. Buck feels that the timing is perfect. His responsibilities to his sister and nephew are over and he can finally start his own family. However Lucy isn’t interested and Buck worms his way into the family and is determined to make Lucy his .

A perfect story to round off the collection and whilst some novellas stood out more then others in the collection . It was enjoyable collection. Most were around the four star mark bar a couple. There was some distinctly  different novels here.

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