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Second Chance Town

Series : N/A

Publisher : Allen and Unwin

Source : Publisher

Release Date : April 27th 2016


Single mother Lucy Parker loves the quiet historical charm of her hometown of Bundah. Raising her teenage daughter Belle can be challenging and, in a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business, it’s even more daunting than usual.

Newcomer Hugh Thompson is determined to put his chequered history behind him. Excited by the potential he sees in Bundah, he buys a rundown pub with big plans for a fresh start. But not long after Hugh’s arrival, a spate of teenage drug overdoses starts to divide the locals and there are whispers they might be connected to the reclusive new publican who has a somewhat dark and mysterious past.

When Belle suddenly starts hanging out with the wrong kids and experimenting with alcohol, Lucy becomes fearful that drugs will be next. The very last thing she needs is for a man like Hugh to come along and disrupt her life. But it seems fate has other ideas . . .

Suspenseful and romantic, Second Chance Town is about fulfilling your dreams in life and love.


Tash M


After blowing me away with  her previous book.  Second Chance Town become one of my anticipated reads  for  2016.  Despite not knowing a thing about the book and I  quickly  got lost in the world of Lane’s latest story

Lane returns to the world of romantic suspense in this book telling the story of a mysterious stranger whose arrival in town has  gotten people talking.   As his arrival and influx of new people   he is   bring into the town isn’t something people are too keen  about for this small little country town.

Hugh is rubbing people the wrong way by keeping to him self and not allowing people to see what he has in store for them  by buying a  run down building and renovating it .  However his arrival is what that town needs. So something got to changed for Bundah before it dies

The town of Bundah is like any other small town built on community but its young people leaving  town thanks to limited opportunities and  no one is replacing them. When the local identity Ken  comes with the idea of giving incentives  to attract new blood to the town.  The town is cautious but excited as it could be the answer to their prayers. Until Hugh arrived and caused a few problems by putting noses out of joint.

Lucy isn’t too thrilled by the changes as whilst she knows the town needs it, she got other wishes for the tow  . A single mom who has tried her best to make a good  life for her daughter and herself.  The newcomers are only trouble given the risen of drug overdoses out of nowhere. Plus the mysterious stranger Hugh has got her heart racing and whilst she wants to make a move she doesn’t, not knowing what she could get herself into . She rather be cautious than sorry .

As Nate the town cop has her daughter and Hugh under his watchful eye  and a small town , secrets aren’t good. Hugh may be a gentleman who has plans to help the town succeed.  But will his secrets destroy that hope  that the people of Bundah carry.

Lane’s Second Chance Town didn’t disappoint. It was everything that I expect from her .  A typical rural romance enchanted by its characters and storyline.  Drawing on her talent for suspense and  publicising  an issue that affects and devastates many small rural towns. She has another sure winner here.   It might have taken a while to write this review and it all because of this women’s talent and the fact she knows how to get readers engaged and falling in love with her work time and time again.  I love a good second chance story and this was a beauty .  And could I say even better than her  last.

This why her rural romance has come an auto favourite of mine . I will read anything she puts out with a backwards glance as her storytelling and prose are second to none.  Hugh’s and Lucy’s story wasn’t just another romance, there more to this story then first meets the eye. I loved how Lane effortless brought it to life and weaved it all together. I might be in the same country, but with Lane’s books I feel I’m in a different place and time. As these two worlds may co-exist but Lane make her world’s standout with her beautiful settings and  storytelling.  I can’t wait to dive into her next book .

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