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Alien Sacrifice

Series : Zerconian Warriors

Publisher : Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date : March 21st 2017

Sent to Zerconia as a spy, Annabel is certain she’ll discover some nefarious plot to lure human women to Zerconia. Instead, she encounters a race of honorable, protective, gorgeous Alpha aliens.
Not that she’s attracted to any of them. Nope, not at all. Particularly not arrogant, grouchy, stick-in-the-mud Macon
Macon has his future mapped out. He likes his life well-ordered. His mate will be obedient, honest and most importantly, Zerconian. He does not understand these human females. They are strange, confusing, loud and fragile. Far too fragile.
They are not for him.
No, he will never take a human mate.


Tash M


When I was contacted about  reviewing Alien Sacrifice by the author , I was intrigued as  I have been loving this sort of book of late.   So I agreed  as I have read a few  alien books that I have enjoyed and they have become some  of auto read for me   Carter immediately become an author to add that list  even though I hadn’t read the previous books in the series.

Whilst the idea is similar to other books out there, dying race and Earth females are the answer to the problem of an alien race .   I still found myself intrigued and interest in this story.  Mason the   bodyguard to the King is a hard ass. He doesn’t want to follow suit and find his mate amongst the Earth females .

He rather avoid the annoying and silly Earth females and mate with   one of his own. Even thought everyone hates her. She may not be perfect but  she will  do to fight his urge  to succumb  the mating fever.

And everything is going to plan for him. Except  there is one slight problem , there is an earth female getting under his skin and he doesn’t know want to do . Annabel is a pain in his side he rather not to deal with. She isn’t like the other annoying earth females that seem to get up his nose . She gets up his nose as she doesn’t take his grumpy behaviour and  she willing to stand up to him.  But he committed to his plan  or is he ?

As is this personal assistant going  to  be the  game changer.

Annabel  had ideas as well when she arrived.  She is hiding a secret or too. Nothing that she would like Mason or anyone else to find out as she knows she  will be in trouble.

She isn’t exactly who she says she and the illusions  she once had about these guys has been changed since  arrived but Mason is a whole different story. She doesn’t like him. He grumpy and he doesn’t care for her it seems.  If only he knew what Annabel is really like.

But they both dislike each other and nothing is going to happen right ?

Alien’s Sacrifice may be the ninth book in the series and whilst I wished I knew the back stories of the secondary characters who had a role in this story. I enjoyed my   first Zerconian  Mate story.  Carter had me hooked from the beginning and  I loved both the characters. Annabel was perfect for Mason , he didn’t know what he had standing in front of them. I loved how they discovered they were mates  as it was a memorable moment  and it was something different.  Carter is an author I’m glad that I discovered and I can’t wait to read more  of her stories in the future.

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