March’s Favourites – Books, Beauty and Lifestyle – Confessions From Romaholics

It is  the end of the month once again and things have been a little bit different this month.

Instead of indulging and playing around with beauty stuff. (Well I took advantage of the Priceline sale)

I have been watching tons of TV this month and loving these particular shows. Why did  all CSI’s get canceled sob

Also been trying to cook healthy this month and resist the temptation of Hungry Jack’s burgers especially the Hashbrown cheeseburger.Damm you for being so cheap

I tried a new recipe this month and whilst it worked pretty well. I’m thinking about that burger now opps

Now books, I read 57 books for this month despite all that TV watching.  Even managed to do something different around here and write two discussion posts . One for this savage song and the other here

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