Interview with Julia Kawaga

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Julie Kagawa, author of the Iron Fey series.

1. Six months have past since the events of your last book. What did Allie do in those months because it was surprising to see where she is.
Four months have passed, actually, and Allie spent most of that time wandering across post-apocalyptic America, searching for her sire. She probably had a few run-ins with rabids, and stalked a few bandit and raider camps to feed, but other than that she was looking for Kanin.
2. In the second book, Eternity Curse, there were surprising revelations about some of your characters. Which one shocked the fans the most, do you think?
I think Jackal’s part in the story was a big surprise for some, as well as Stick and his transformation. But I think the biggest shocker (the one that had people hurling the book across the room) was the very end. I can’t say too much because of spoilers, but those who have read the book know what I’m talking about. ;)
3. Karin is the mysterious vampire who is responsible for turning two of the characters in the series. He also helped to create the disease that is affecting humans—which was a shock to Allie. Is there going to be any further revelations about him in the third book?
Kanin is definitely important in the third book. But what role he will play and the secrets he will reveal will have to wait until The Forever Song comes out.

4.Jackel has an interesting history with Allie and you never know what he is thinking. Do you think that he will make his plans clear in the future for what he is expecting to get from Allie for helping her?
You never know with Jackal. His character is deliberately ambiguous, and he keeps his intentions and motivations to himself. But his and Allie’s sibling relationship will definitely be explored in the third book.

5. Stick was Allie’s male friend and confidant she could tell all her secrets to when she was a human and in the gang. Allie doesn’t really have anyone to confide in anymore. Do you think that she misses that intimacy and will she find a vampire that she can have the same sort of relationship with?
Too much of a spoiler to say anything here. :)
6. Is there going to be any story to explain where Zeke and the others went to in Eden and what happened to them after Allie left them in Immortal Rules?
Possibly. Eden will definitely be explored further in the third book, and some familiar faces might pop up. But with Sarren on his way to Eden, Allie might only find tragedy and heartache when she arrives.
7. The red lung disease is an interesting concept. Where did you get the idea and how much research went into making the disease realistic?
I watched a lot of movies like Contagion and Outbreak to get an idea of how a deadly disease could spread, and everyone’s reaction to a large scale epidemic. I also consulted a doctor friend of mine and picked his brain about certain viruses and plagues, how people became infected, how it could affect the brain, ect. A lot of research went into the Blood of Eden world, because I wanted to make everything as realistic as possible, like this version of the future could actually happen.
8. Is there any particular reason why you named the vampire free city name Eden?
It had a mythical ring to it, as if this vampire-free city might be only that–a legend. Zeke’s band didn’t really know if Eden existed or not, but their hope kept them searching, even if it was impossible.
9. So what’s next for you as an author? Any last words you’d like to share with your readers?
Right now I’m finishing up the third and final book in the Blood of Eden series, The Forever Song, and after that I’m moving on to the third book in the Call of The Forgotten series, the spin-off series of The Iron Fey. And after that, I have a top secret series that I can’t share just yet but I hope will be epic. And I just want to say thank you to all my readers for their support, and for making all of this possible. Couldn’t have done it without you. :)
Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time and thoughts with us.
Thank you for the opportunity.

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